Working with Schools


RHL Activities, one of the leading motorsport event promoters are passionate about the development of youth within our sport and showcasing the vast job opportunities throughout the industry.

Over the past two years we have worked closely with Gillingstool Primary School with the Weston Beach Race


Gillingstool feel extremely privileged to have formed such an inspirational partnership with RHL Activities. The team at RHL continue to provide our pupils with memorable and exciting experiences that they will remember for many years. The pupils come away from these experiences not only full of excitement but also having learned about the various careers and interests they may follow as they grow older. The information and messages shared by RHL activities are so important for our pupils as it encourages them to be aspirational, responsible and resilient. The learning does not stop after these visits, we use them as a learning tool to inspire work from many areas of the national curriculum.

Our partnership with RHL activities started with a letter written by a pupil in year 3, as part of a writing project. He wrote to them asking questions about bikes and events. Since then RHL Activities have gone above and beyond for us. For the past 2 years, our pupils have been invited along to the Hydrogarden Weston Beach Race and treated to a VIP experience, we have had an assembly led by Gareth Hockey and Darren Bachelor and we are now planning a careers event for our older pupils. The resources and expertise shared by RHL Activities are invaluable.

We cannot thank the team enough for all they have done for the pupils at our school and we look forward to continued work with them in the future.

- Tom Mullins - Head of School (Gillingstool Primary School)