HydroGarden Weston Beach Race - 10 August 2015

Top Tips on how to survive the Weston Beach Race ft David Knight

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With the 34th Edition of the RHL Weston Beach Race only 9 or so weeks away, we asked a number of top pro’s and past winners of the race for some top tips on how to tackle one of the world's toughest extreme races.


Multi time winner and Enduro legend David Knight gave his top tips for Weston.


“Don't get carried away with gearing your bike for the straight, it's a small part of the track and is more important to have god gearing for the dunes.


Use an o-ring chain and steel rear sprocket, I've seen factory teams come to Weston with a normal chain and by the end of the race they are jumping teeth on the sprockets and that's if they don't snap. Alloy rear sprockets can last but if the beach is wet they won't.


Be gentle on the bike, try not to over rev it too much and be gentle on the clutch, the bike will take a lot of abuse and will get very hot so to last 3 hours at Weston is sometimes a big ask.


Goggle prep is really important at Weston, being able to see helps a great deal and don't cut any corners, top quality roll off systems seem to work best.


Enjoy the ride, it makes a massive difference to it being a long 3 hours or a fun one.”

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