Weston Beach Race - 11 October 2015


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Racing kicked off today at the Weston Beach Race and what a day it’s been! Tough battles through all three races, and with half decent weather to enjoy, it was great to see a good turnout.

First up was the 125/250f youth class where we saw some of the stars of tomorrow battling it out for victory. Jordan Eccles led most of it, but as they say, it ain’t over until it’s over, and that’s certainly been the case historically at Weston. Some good racing saw Oliver Benton be victorious and lots of great battles right through the field, which set the stage for the 65cc class.

We took a wander into the pits to see what was going on during the 65cc race, and what was awesome to witness was the teamwork and encouragement for the young-guns. These little rippers do a one hour 15 minute stint, which is certainly a tall order, and out in the pits we saw youngsters being helped by complete strangers, dads fist pumping their lads, and granddads spannering for their grandkids. Mason Spencer’s granddad Ivan explained the spirit of Weston is like no other, and he just enjoys supporting his grandsons racing here, doing their passion. Dad was out on track as a picker-upper, and he was on pit-stop duty!

“It’s fantastic. It’s better than anything to see the kids develop, take the falls, get stronger, improve their skills. Mason Spencer is 11, and his older brother is riding tomorrow, and they do the sport together. I don’t get nervous watching as there are plenty of people on hand to help pick them up, and they are pretty hardy kids. His goal is just to enjoy it. The boys ride with their friends locally, and we believe it develops their character a lot by doing it. This race is special and different from everywhere else though!” said Ivan.

Later on we saw the main race of the day, the three-hour quad and sidecar race. It’s interesting to see the massive range of riders from those who make huge preparations with awnings kitted out better than most garages, and those who have no prep at all. Like Welshman Mikey Neale, videographer extraordinaire and creator of ‘Fear Not’ the offroad hit video of the year! He told us as he walked to the start line he’d not even seen the quad he was racing, let alone this year’s dune course! In fact he said his preparation basically was “some toast, some bacon, and a few haribo.” Understandably he was nervous and excited, as his mates chuckled that he’d never used a thumb throttle before! Results show he didn’t do so many laps…

Also it was great to see those getting into the spirit of Weston with daft outfits; we saw a few large chested blokes on quads, a man with a suit and bow-tie fixing a quad with a hammer, daft headwear and daft phrases on shirts! There might be pros battling it out at the front, but for a lot of the riders it’s just a big laugh, followed by a night out.

Awards were presented with Oliver Benton, Sheldon Seal, Dan Lawry, Sam Wilkinson and Steve Atkins taking the wins of the day (65cc is unconfirmed), and the dozers are back out tonight preparing the track for tomorrow’s proceedings with the youth quad, 85cc race and the adult solo race taking place! We can’t wait!

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