- 15 September 2016

Thor British Youth Nationals Round 5 round up


​Well that’s a wrap on the penultimate round of the Thor British Youth Nationals, unfortunately due to the weather and track conditions on Saturday we were unable to run any races, however by Sunday the team had been out on track early Sunday morning to get racing underway for round 5.

In the open youth class, it was Alexander Brown who pushed it hard on a very technical circuit to walk away with the top spot on the podium for the round 5 and took the Apico Holeshot in moto 3, however it was a challenge as George Grigg-Pettitt and Jed Etchells weren’t giving up without some close battles in the three moto’s. George managed to take the second spot and Jed taking third for the day.

Ben Clark was the man in the 125cc class taking all three moto wins with some close battles with Tom Grimshaw and Todd Ritchie, however in moto three saw Denny Rapson push it into the top three for the race. The overall standings for the weekend saw Ben in first, Tom in second and third spot going to Todd.

Big Wheel 85cc class had some close racing across the day with Dominic Lancett, Rossi Beard, Josh Peters and Sam Nunn. With all four riders finishing in different positions in the three races it was clear to be a close one for second spot after Dominic managed to claim the top spot, so it was down to the last race to determine whether Rossi or Josh would finish in second however Rossi did it and took the second spot on the podium and Josh in third.

Ike Carter dominated the small wheel 85cc class at Pontrilas taking the maximum points for three races of 228 points, Bobby Bruce was pushing it to the limit across all moto’s to try and take the top spot from Ike however Ike just had that slight advantage and Bobby came in second and Louie Kessell took third spot.

Well last but not least was the 65cc class and we have to say what an incredible last race our youngest riders gave everyone to watch between Charlie Heyman and Alfie Jones, however with a slight mistake in moto three Alfie lost out on the top spot which went to Charlie. In third spot was Kiean Boughen who raced superb throughout the day and walked away with the Apico Holeshot award for the final race of the day with an incredible holeshot.

Well done to all riders who raced this weekend and we look forward to seeing you all in two weeks at Cusses Gorse for the final round of the 2016 Thor British Youth Nationals.

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