Weston Beach Race - 8 September 2016

World famous stunt rider Robbie Maddison is heading to the HydroGarden Weston Beach Race


RHL Activities is proud to announce that worldwide motorcycle stunt sensation Robbie Maddison is heading to the HydroGarden Weston Beach Race on October 7-9 2016.

As a world record holder, stunt rider and freestyle motocross rider, Maddison has become a household name, having backflipped over Tower Bridge in London, jumped up and off the Arc de Triomphe in front of Paris Las Vegas, jumped a motorcycle off a ski jump in the ‘Drop in’ video and most recently received over 23 million YouTube views in his video ‘Pipe Dream’ where he rode a KTM motorcycle across a surf wave in Tahiti.

Maddison developed his passion for riding by competing in national motocross and supercross events, but his real love came in the form of Freestyle Motocross where he cut his teeth as one of the most feared competitors in the world, winning numerous X Games medals and X Fighters trophies along the way. Since then, ‘Maddo’ has established himself to be one of the biggest baddasses in the world of offroad motorcycles, and is considered by many to be the modern-day Evel Knievel.

In addition to this Maddison, who resides in California, USA, jumped over the Corinth Canal in Greece, was a stunt double for James Bond actor Daniel Craig in the Bond movie, Skyfall and broke his own world record numerous times for the world motorcycle jumping record, with a distance of 106.98m. It’s safe to say that the Australian-ace lives by his own motto ‘Face your fears – live your dreams’.

Maddo’s fearless motorcycle skills will be hitting the Weston-Super-Mare seafront in one month’s time where he’s entered the race for fun to add to the string of challenging events he’s tried throughout his career. The HydroGarden Weston Beach Race is known as one of the biggest on the UK offroad calendar, and upto 100,000 spectators enjoy the epic three-hour battle of man and machine over the huge dune course each year. The Aussie star is looking forward to meeting the fans of the race and other riders as a beach race beginner, and getting a taste of the extremities of the notorious track.

Robbie Maddison:
“I’m super excited to come out and check out the race in Weston-Super-Mare. I love riding on beaches, and I’ve heard it’s a gnarly track, so I can’t wait to see it. What excites me most in motorcycles is all the different skills there are in all the different areas of riding, and I enjoy seeing those extreme riding techniques; there’s definitely a special technique needed for that kind of event, which will be interesting to look at. I know the style of the race, I’ve watched some of the videos, and it looks pretty crazy. I’m looking forward to being there, but while it’s cool to be having a go around the track, I have my goals at the moment in other areas and where my focus is; I wouldn’t say I’m really prepared for three hours racing on a beach, as it’s not possible to push yourself in all areas for all of the time, but I’ve heard the atmosphere is very special. I love the UK and I’m excited to check it out and have a taste of it, as it’s cool to try out some other extremes of the sport. I need to start riding more though, and hopefully I can get on a motocross track in the next few weeks. So yea, I wouldn’t say I’m prepared for this thing, but it’s going to be cool to have a laugh with the British fans.”

Gareth Hockey – Director of RHL Activities
“To have Robbie at the HydroGarden Weston Beach Race is a dream come true. He’s one of the true gentlemen of the sport, and his accolade of achievements is incredible; the things he can do on a motorcycle are truly unbelievable. We know he’s coming to the event just for fun, but I’m sure he’s looking forward to having a go at the race, especially with how much he loves the extremes of the sport. He’s spent a lot of time recently riding the waves of Tahiti, but I imagine that Weston-Super-Mare will be quite a different experience for him, although no less exhilarating when he sets off down the beach!”

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