British Youth National Championship - 15 March 2017

Top Dunlop tyre tips for BYN riders



Dunlop is a valued supporter of the Thor British Youth Nationals and the tyre manufacturer is pleased to be involved with the premier junior series where youngsters cut their teeth as they progress through the ranks.

With this in mind Dunlop, who make tyres for a range of vehicles while priding themselves on their racing technology and success, has provided some top tips for BYN riders on the perfect tyre choice for this year’s six-round series. The company is continually striving for success in all arenas, and the tyre technology available to riders in a range of sizes, such as the revolutionary Geomax MX-3S, have been developed with factory riders around the world, meaning that what’s good for the pros is also good for the juniors.

“Having Dunlop involved with the Thor British Youth Nationals is really important for us, as this is a globally renowned brand that is synonymous with racing success. It is great that Dunlop wants to support the very grass roots of off-road motorcycling, and the youngsters that will be the stars of tomorrow. They’ve provided some sound tyre advice, which I hope can be used throughout the season,” said Director of RHL Activities, Gareth Hockey.

“We at Dunlop are proud to be involved with the Thor British Youth Nationals, as these riders are the motocross champions of the future that are learning in a professionally organised environment. Providing youngsters with the very best tyre technology and information is important for a rider’s self development, and it’s fundamental that we support the very grass roots of the sport to ensure we help develop young talent as they progress through the ranks. Here we’ve provided a guide from our experts on tyre choice at all of the BYN rounds this year,” said Dominic Clifford, Dunlop Motorcycle SBU Manager

Round One – Culham
Culham is a soft and loamy track that’s technical with natural undulations – the best tyre choice for this is the Dunlop Geomax MX3S in the front and rear

Round Two – Brampton
Brampton consists of fast straights, climbs and drops with big jumps, technical corner sections and rough n’bumpy sections. It’s a combination of natural hills and cambers with man-made jumps. The best choice would be the Dunlop Geomax MX3S in the front and rear, or the Dunlop Geomax MX3S in the front, with the MX11 in the reat.

Round Three – Desertmartin
Desert Martin, Brampton are tracks ideally suited to the Dunlop MX11 rear tyre combined with the awesome Dunlop MX3S front tyre. This tyre combination will provide outstanding traction in the sand whilst having front end precision to give confidence. The open tread pattern combined with wide central tread blocks of the Dunlop MX11 are specifically designed to hook up in sandy conditions. An alternative option would be to fit both the Dunlop MX3S front and rear fitment as a more universal fitment, which will still be able to cope with the soft terrain. The Dunlop Mousse can be fitted to any of Geomax range.

Round Four – Duns
The best choice for the Scottish circuit is the Dunlop Geomax MX3S front & rear.

Round Five – Landrake
The tyre choice for Landrake would be the Dunlop Geomax MX3S front & rear, although if track dries out riders could consider running the MX52 front.

Round Six – Foxhill
Foxhill is a track that is considered hardpack terrain and therefore will require the likes of the Dunlop Geomax D952 or MX52 in order to withstand the stony/hardpack track severity. During practice and maybe race one when the track is fresh, some riders may be able to capitalise on using the accredited Dunlop Geomax MX3S front tyre. However, by race two and three riders may find the durable MX52’s more superior and capable.
Tyre Fitting and Running Tips:

  • Use correct fitting lubricant when fitting tyres, No washing up liquids
  • Depending upon the terrain on the day, then opt for a tyre with a pitch pattern to suit the terrain, and or work with inflation pressures for a finer advantage.
  • Dunlop Mousses are equivalent to 12-13 PSI.

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