Weston Beach Race - 28 September 2017

Behind the scenes of HydroGarden


Following on from the huge success of last year, HydroGarden is continuing its partnership with RHL Activities for the 2017 HydroGarden Weston Beach race and has become an incredibly valued partner of the annual off-road event, which takes place on October 13-15 this year.
So, what do HydroGarden do? The company, based in Coventry, manufactures and supplies specialist Hydroponic equipment to the trade and has been doing so since 1996. Growers may better know HydroGarden through use of one of their many innovative house brands, including VitaLink, PLANT!T, ROOT!T and LUMii. With over two million products sold worldwide in 2017 alone, HydroGarden products support both hobby and commercial growers with everything they need to produce a healthy yield, even in the most challenging of growing conditions!
There are lots of exciting innovations currently being developed at the company headquarters that, in the long-term, could affect each and every one of us! V-Farm in particular is a specialist horticultural system that offers a controlled growing environment for the food we eat; meaning farms, restaurants or even supermarkets will have the option to grow produce all year round in their own facility, regardless of the season, weather or availability. Vertical farming reduces food miles, uses less water and zero pesticides and yet achieves higher rates of growth, offering a significant improvement to the environment. It’s a concept that could be used on a rooftop, in a warehouse, or in fact anywhere indoors with space! Vertical farming is something we’re likely to hear much more about in the not too distant future.
Joining forces with RHL Activities has enabled HydroGarden to reach new audiences and talk more about these products, while being involved with an intense, action packed event in Weston-Super-Mare. This year, HydroGarden continues to support riders in the race, look out for Dave Thorpe’s HydroGarden Honda squad, and supported riders Harry Bradley, Ian Copson and Brad Tilley. Jonathan Aldridge, Managing Director for HydroGarden says; “Hydroponics breaks the mould of traditional methods of growing and helps growers defy the odds, providing them with everything they need to produce healthy yields regardless of weather conditions, availability of sunlight or even access to soil! We share this “odd defying” mantra with those who brave the sand dunes during the HydroGarden Weston Beach Race each year, which is why we love supporting the event and are really excited to be back for a second year.”
Each entered rider will receive a very special goody bag from HydroGarden with a number of awesome products inside – currently top secret! During the event, be sure to visit HydroGardens stand to learn more about how hydroponics can help you and your plants and while you’re there enter some exclusive competitions. If that wasn’t enough, in the lead up-to the event HydroGarden are offering a brand new 2017 CRF250R for one lucky winner – and can be entered by visiting www.hydrogarden.com/win

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