Weston Beach Race - 6 October 2017

Special Insurance available for HydroGarden Weston Beach Race Competitors


RHL Activities has partnered with Sports-Insure for this year’s HydroGarden Weston Beach Race, which takes place on October 13-15 2017 and can offer an exclusive insurance deal for riders competing in the event with a range of benefits.
While every precaution is made to make racing as safe as possible, accidents rarely but sometimes happen, and Sports-Insure can offer comprehensive packages for motocross riders throughout the season, as well as a specific deal only available for the HydroGarden Weston Beach Race weekend.
Thanks to its association with RHL Activities, competitors at the Weston-Super-Mare race can benefit from Sports-Insure’s cover with a range of benefits including a fracture and hospital payout should a claim arise. The package is just £25.00 for the event inclusive of 12% insurance premium tax, subject to terms and conditions set out by Sports-Insure.
Sports-Insure are also able to arrange medical and repatriation insurance for participants not domiciled within the UK.
The below details the cover on offer, and interested riders should contact Charlotte Luby prior to the event who will assist with any enquiries you may have: charlotte.luby@sports-insure.co.uk 
Alternatively, pop over to the Sports-Insure gazebo near to VIP on Friday and Saturday to meet the girls, who will be more than happy arrange the cover for you.


GBP 5,000


GBP 5,000

Hospital Benefits

GBP 50 per day

Fracture Benefits

GBP 500


GBP 100 per week (14 day excess) – Out of pocket expenses for unemployed / students

Period of Cover

Event – but only for incidents that have occurred on track, whilst signed on, and whilst participating in the event

Total Premium

GBP 25 inclusive of 12% IPT

For more information about the HydroGarden Weston Beach Race please visit www.westonbeachrace.com

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