Weston Beach Race - 14 November 2017

2017 HydroGarden Honda CRF250R Competition Winner


The winner of HydroGarden's insane Honda CRF250R win a bike competition worth over £6,800, which was run in the lead-up to this year's HydroGarden Weston Beach Race in October, was... *drum roll please* ... Adam Cole from Gloucester! Check out what Adam said when HydroGarden caught up with him to find out how he felt when receiving that all-important phone call...

So, Adam, you’ve won our incredible custom Honda CRF205R bike as part of the 2017 HydroGarden Weston Beach Race event competition…how did you feel when you received that all-important phone call telling you that you had won the competition?
I didn’t believe it. I thought someone was pulling a prank on me. You hear about competition winners all the time and think ‘that will never happen to me’ so when it does, it’s truly amazing.  
I guess the second question has to be – do you ride yourself?

Unfortunately, I don’t… However my friend - Mark, who has motocross running through his veins, has recently made me more interested in the hobby.
Ah cool, perhaps you’ll be riding in the future then! So, what drew you to Weston this year?

Haha, maybe. I bought tickets for Weston this year as both Mark and his brother were supposed to be racing in the event and so I was going along to support him. However, Mark was recently in a motocross accident which resulted in his left shoulder being smashed in over 20 places, which meant he couldn’t race. His brother still took part though, so we still went along!
Ouch! Sounds painful! Where did his brother come in the Adult Solo Race?

He came in at 306th, which for his first race isn’t bad at all!
Out of over 900 riders, I’d say that is pretty impressive! What would you say is the thing that entices these riders to participate in the event?

I think it’s the thrill of it. Mark said it’s the part where you’re scared just before the race starts but as soon as the gate drops, everything disappears… just a surge of adrenaline and tunnel vision, where all you can see is the person in front of you and the finish line. I think that’s why he was so determined to get straight back on his bike after the accident
Sounds terrifying! It truly is an odd-defying sport. How do you feel about HydroGarden’s involvement with the Weston Beach Race? We believe we share the same odds-defying mantra by breaking the norms of ‘natural’ growing!

I think it’s pretty cool actually. The stand was really impressive, especially for people that are already into hydroponics and growing. It was also a good opportunity to learn more about hydroponics and the products that can help with the hobby.
We’d like to think so too! Have you ever considered growing hydroponically at all?

Yeah, I’ve looked into it. I really liked the look of the self-watering thingy that was displayed in the HG stand, it seemed like a helpful product for beginners.
Ah – that would be our infamous GoGro! Perhaps that could be a prize for next year?

Haha, could be!
That’s one option then! What else would you like to see as a prize for next year?

I think it’d be cool if you could get some HydroGarden branded kit together to go with the branded bike, or maybe a gift voucher for kit. As long as the kit is of a good quality, riders are bound to wear it!
Good thinking! Well Adam, it’s been great chatting to you. Hopefully we’ll see you on that bike racing in next year’s event!

Perhaps! Thanks again to everyone at HydroGarden!

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