British Youth Championship - 1 December 2017

Statement from Gareth Hockey - Tracks & Date Clashes



After reading the conversations on social media and receiving your phone calls in respect of the new tracks being introduced for 2018, I can assure all riders and parents that the tracks being used for the 2018 Judd British Youth National Championship, are of Championship Standard and feel RHL as a Company prides itself in progressing the sport and working with venues in ensuring they meet not only our high standards, but that of our governing body and Event Industry Standards.
As an Organisation running events at Championship level we don’t want to have the same six or eight tracks used by every other national events and the championship needs to cover all of the UK.   RHL prides itself in pushing the sport forward and one of these avenues is the development and progression of tracks, which will include the use of new tracks and venues coming on board, who are willing to develop and grow with us.  One of the fundamental decision makers for RHL in choosing the tracks for 2018, was the contractual obligation that no track will be hired out to private trainers, prior to our event, within the regulation time period, along with improved water and parking facilities.   RHL is all about change, growth and making sure it provides to the best of its ability the best facilities, new venues and improved on site experiences and works tirelessly with our riders and their parents in listening to feedback. Whilst change and new venues can be daunting, this must happen to ensure the future of the sport, if our riders are to compete on the world stage.
To many hardpack tracks, I would like to comment on this
Culham is a sand track that has lots of history of good racing, including world championship events.
Brampton is a sand track that has been very good for the championship for the last two years on the calendar.
Fraddon is a hard pack track, which has been inspected to the Maxxis specification, it has hard standing parking and a concrete start owned and looked after by Jonny Groves, who is one of the UK’s leading track builders.
Duns is hard pack track, which has a good history and has previously held a Maxxis and will again this year. It has an outstanding track layout, which is run by ex British Championship rider Bryan Mackenzie.
Crookwood is soft soil and grass hopefully.   This was a rider/parent requested track, designed by Alfie Smith.  
Buttercup Farm.    The track is a peat based soil, this is being inspected later this month by the team but the course has been designed and created by Jonny Groves, so RHL are confident this will be a great venue for the championship.  
Date clashes are not liked by us or you as riders, however despite our best efforts in trying to work with other organisations and federations, these have still occurred.   As many of you may or may not be aware but the structure for the UK calendar is laid by the FIM who release the World Championship dates, which is then followed by the Maxxis British Motocross Championship, then ourselves as the British Youth Championship.  Other national events then should work around these dates.


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