Weston Beach Race - 8 January 2018

Calling all Youth Quad Riders


RHL Activities have agreed to look at reinstating the Youth Quads for the 2018 HydroGarden Weston Beach Race, however they need to see a show of interest from 30 riders to consider running the class.
If this support exceeds this number then RHL will then look to commence planning and implementation of the race as soon as the support has been converted to actual entries.
RHL Activities propose this in the following manner:
31.01.18 - Credit Card Pledge Deadline
Please contact the office to lodge your credit card details, these will be sorted in the secure online Credit Card facility, and no payment will be taken. By pledging your credit card details you are agreeing to pay £85.00 for the entry fee, this does not include any day licence, which can be purchased during your application process.
01.02.18 - Notification of Entry Open
If 30 credit card pledges are received, the race entry will go live on the system and you will be emailed once again to ask you to proceed with entry.
Your credit card payment will automatically be setup to be taken on the 22nd March 2018.
Due to the closeness of the planning and implementation of any race class into the Hydrogarden Weston Race, unfortunately if RHL do not have 30 credit card pledges by close of business on the 31st January 2018, they will be unable to proceed with the class this year.
Any questions please contact the office on 01873 840640

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