British Motocross Championship - 30 March 2018

We find out more about Bike It DRT Kawasaki rider Darian Sanayei ahead of Culham this weekend


American racer Darian Sanayei is certainly making his mark on the world stage and is looking forward to the British Motocross Festival this weekend, in which he will race as a wildcard in the Maxxis ACU British MX2 Championship.
The Bike IT DRT Kawasaki racer finished Red Sand last weekend in fourth position overall with a 6-2 scorecard and is a rising star within the MX2 World Championship. Last season the Kawasaki-ace completed his rookie year with 11th overall in the World Championship in his inaugural season, and won the final two rounds of the British Championship, in which he’s relishing a return visit. RHL Activities caught up with Darian in the run up to the Easter Weekend event:
RHL: Last year was a good season with solid results for you, can you tell us about your journey since you’ve been in Europe?
Sanayei: “Yeah my journey has been pretty good for the most part here in Europe. I’ve been here for three years now - in 2016 I was with Bud Racing before moving to the Bike IT DRT Kawasaki team for last year and this season.”
RHL: How do you feel and what are your goals for 2018?
Sanayei: “My feelings for 2018 are just go out and try it kill every race, honestly. Do the best I can and leave nothing behind.”
RHL: Have you done much riding in the UK? If so, where have you been and what do you think to the UK scene?
Sanayei: “Yeah I have, last year I lived in England, so I rode quite a lot of the tracks. I didn’t race all of the British Championship in 2017, but I would have liked to. I do feel the UK is a bit more American style with their practice tracks.”
RHL: What is your goal for the Culham Race?
Sanayei: “Yeah, my goal is to win.”
RHL: Tell us a bit about your bike and the Dixon team set up?
Sanayei: “My bike is a bit different this year and the Dixon team have put in a lot of hours into it.”

RHL: Overall, what’s your approach been to this season, your second full season in MX2?
Sanayei: “My approach was just trying to be fitter and all around a better racer.”
RHL: Can you tell us about when you were racing as a Youth, what was it like and where you competed?
Sanayei: “As a youth I raced all the amateur nationals across America, which is definitely a different style and format to the racing I do now.”
RHL: What’s the best advice anyone has given you regarding racing?
Sanayei: “Best advice is hard ha ha – probably my dad telling me I better hit that jump or I won’t get fed supper. Joking.”
RHL: How tough is it being away from home?
Sanayei: “Yeah it is very hard being away from home. Actually harder for me now than when I first came over. It’s just so long being away and it’s not a simple flight back. I guess just having to base my life where I don’t really have a life is the best way to explain it, but with the things you want there are sometimes sacrifices that you have to go through to get there. Just as long as the want overpowers the sacrifice I think it will be just fine.”
RHL: How old were you when you started riding and racing? When did you decide you wanted to follow your dream of becoming a racer?
Sanayei: “I started riding when I was five and racing when I was six. I guess I decided wanted to become a racer as soon as I started my first race. I’d say I had the dream since then, but I started believing in myself around the age of 12.”
RHL: Tell us about your training, what kind you do and why?
Sanayei: “I train a lot on and off the bike constantly working to get better. Trusting myself and those around me who I think know what they are on about to help me succeed.”
RHL: Finally, what makes a pro motocrosser?
Sanayei: “I’m a pro motocross racer because my team manager signed me up for the World Championship and they gave me the pro card to hang around my neck haha. No, but really, I train like a pro racer, eat like one, rider like one, so I become one. Where the mind goes the body follows in my eyes.”
To see Darian in action and the Bike It DRT Kawasaki team set up come along to the British Motocross Festival on March 30 – April 2. Find out more at

Photo Credit: Kawasaki EU 

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