British Motocross Championship Festival - 28 March 2018

Wet Weather Plan put in place for Culham



Following this morning's announcement RHL Activities have put into place the Wet Weather Plan with immediate affect.

Saturday 31st March
8am - Main Gates Open - everyone will queue in access road into the site

10.30am - Vehicles will be escorted and sited individually by the paddock team

12.00pm onwards - Spectator Camping arrival time

Please note the paddock is on a lockdown until Sunday AM. 

Anyone who isn't stopping on the Saturday night will be parked in the car park on the left as you come into the site and will not be allowed in the paddock with your vehicle.
(Please note RHL will work with you to bring any tools & equipment into the paddock)

There will be no walking of the track until advised by RHL Activities - the track is on lockdown

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