British Motocross Championship - 18 July 2018

Local rider Alexander Brown gears up for round six of the Maxxis British Motocross Championship



Local rider Alexander Brown is particularly looking forward to the Maxxis ACU British Motocross Championship in Duns, Scotland on Sunday July 29, as it is his home race where he will be aiming to put on a strong performance.

Alexander, who comes from Lothian in Scotland, has been racing at national level for a number of years. The 250 rider has previously competed in the British Youth Championship before moving to MXY2 and finally the Maxxis British MX2 Championship in 2017.
In 2011 Alexander competed in the FIM Junior Motocross World Championship for Team GB and managed to finish in seventh position, prior to winning his first British Championship title back in 2015. The Scottish youngster currently holds eighth position as the British Championship heads into the sixth round, just 15 points behind Michael Eccles. 
We caught up with Alexander ahead of his local round.
RHL: Alexander, can you tell us a bit about yourself and your motocross career so far?
Alexander Brown: “My career has been very up and down. I won the British Youth championship, and the Red Bull Championship in the youths. I also finished 7th in the Junior World Championship back in 2011 and then won a British Championship in 2015. So yeah it’s been a good one.”
RHL: You’re currently eighth in the Maxxis, how has the first part of the season gone for you?
Alexander Brown: “Yeah, we’re eighth at the moment, which is pretty good, and the points are still close. The first part of the season was pretty good for me; I had some strong results with some bad ones too, but I’ve scored points in every moto, which is positive. I already can’t wait for this next half of the season.”
RHL: Being a local rider to the track, do you get much time at Duns and what are your thoughts on the track?
Alexander Brown: “To be honest I don’t spend a lot of time at Duns due to most of the races being on sandy tracks, so I need to practice on the sand. The Duns track is awesome; it has some big jumps with deep ruts and hopefully it will get nice and rough at the Maxxis round. It will also be awesome for the spectators to watch, as it’s a great viewing track.”
RHL: Looking ahead to the next round at Duns at the end of July what are your plans for the weekend?
Alexander Brown: “Plans for the weekend will to be get a good starts and run up front with the big boys. I know I can be up there so there’s no reason why I can’t do it at my home round.”
RHL: What training do you do before each Maxxis and can you tell us a bit about your preparation for your home race?
Alexander Brown: “Training and riding wise I normally train in the gym Tuesdays and Thursdays, then ride on Wednesdays. For my home round I’ll probably do the same, as my results are pretty good so there isn’t much point in changing anything.”
RHL: Looking back to the weekend at Desertmartin you had a good weekend overall; how did it go for you and what were your thoughts on Desertmartin?
Alexander Brown: “Yeah, it was a decent weekend. I managed to move up two places in the championship, although unfortunately I had a few slip offs when trying to make passes. The first race was not so good, but I had a decent result in the second one that gave me a good overall. The track was unbelievable and the prep that went into the track was amazing. I already can’t wait to get back there next year.”
RHL: Finally, why should the locals get behind you and come along to the sixth round on 29th July?
Alexander Brown: “The locals should come and get behind me and help me get the maximum amount of points I can! There’s nothing better than your home crowd supporting you. They should also come along for the atmosphere of watching the fastest riders in Britain lay it all on the line and help all the other locals get a good result.”
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Photo Credit: MXGB

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