Weston Beach Race - 31 August 2018

HydroGarden is International - Fact Friday



You may know HydroGarden simply as the title sponsor of the HydroGarden Weston Beach Race, but there's so much more to this hydroponic wholesaler and manufactuer than meets the eye. As we approach the third year of HydroGarden's sponsorship, it's time to learn a little more about the company that helps bring you the Weston Beach Race.

Each Friday on the run up to this year's event we will be bringing you facts about HydroGarden, the world of hydroponics and their work.

Third up is did you know HydroGarden are International!

HydroGarden supply over 2,000 products to over 1,200 stores in over 139 countries worldwide. Although you can’t buy products directly from HydroGarden, they provide hydroponic stores with everything they need to sell their customers the complete indoor growing environment.

To find out where your nearest store is click here

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