Weston Beach Race - 17 August 2018

V-Farm System grows lettuces for Twycross Zoo



You may know HydroGarden simply as the title sponsor of the HydroGarden Weston Beach Race, but there's so much more to this hydroponic wholesaler and manufacturer than meets the eye. As we approach the third year of HydroGarden's sponsorship, it's time to learn a little more about the company that helps bring you the Weston Beach Race.

Each Friday on the run up to the 2018 HydroGarden Weston Beach Race we will be bring you facts about HydroGarden, the world of hydroponics and their work.

First up did you know HydroGarden’s “Project Urban Grow” donated over 1,800 lettuces to feed Twycross Zoo’s Elephants

Project Urban Grow was launched as part of HydroGarden’s V-Farm research and development programme with the hope of setting a new industry standard for vertical farming. The systems consist of vertical racking to save space and maximise production.

Using a V-Farm system, over 1,800 lettuces were grown, bigger and more quickly than using traditional methods, and donated to Twycross Zoo in Leicestershire. Their group of Asian elephants, homed in the Elephant Creek attraction, were treated to a V-Farm feast! Julian Chapman, Team Leader of Large Mammals at the zoo said: “It’s great to get such an influx of lettuces donated to the zoo as our elephants do eat substantial amounts of food every day.  We always ensure our animals receive a varied diet and lettuces are a firm favourite.”


You can watch the V-Farm and how HydroGarden grew lettuces in 28 days for Twycross Zoo - Watch Here

You can read up on the full article here - Read Here

For more information on the V-Farm head over to the website - View Here



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