Weston Beach Race - 5 October 2018

Why HydroGarden sponsor the annual Weston Beach Race


HydroGarden is committed to educating the country about the benefits of hydroponics and controlled growing environments.

That’s what brings them to the Weston Beach Race. Be honest – had you heard about hydroponics and controlled growing environments before they sponsored the race? No? Now, I bet if we asked how many of you have struggled to keep a store-bought herb plant alive for a longer than a couple of weeks, they’d be a correlation in results! And that’s where HydroGarden fits in.

OK, so you’re still thinking it’s a bit of an odd partnership, but HydroGarden feel there is one thing that bonds hydroponic growers and motocross riders, that they’re both ‘different’ – before you say anything, hear them out! You’re both technically savvy, you share the same odds-defying mantra, whether that’s growing healthy produce in the depths of winter or completing 22 laps of a 6 km beach race on a dirt bike; your passion, commitment, enthusiasm and drive cannot be faulted. 

So, in between the maddest, baddest and biggest motocross races of the year why not learn more about how to grow the maddest, baddest and biggest fruit and veg?! And remember, you’re both the same – DIFFERENT! 

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