Weston Beach Race - 8 October 2018

Winrow's Top Tips for Quad Success at the HydroGarden Weston Beach Race Powered by KTM


Multi-time British Champion Paul Winrow is the most winningest rider in the Quadzilla quad class at the HydroGarden Weston Beach Race Powered by KTM. Whilst he may spend the event weekend commentating these days (this year on October 19-21) he knows a thing or two about preparing a quad for the battle of the dunes.. we caught up with Paul to find out his top tips!
Firstly, why does Paul keep coming back, even since his retirement you might ask? He says:
“Probably the enjoyment of the full weekend, whether you’re participating or there as a spectator. The spectacle of the event itself – well, nothing compares to it. It’s unique, there are beach races in France like Le Touquet, but nothing compares to Weston. It’s a bizarre event let’s say! No other event comes close to how it is, and I love it.”
Winrow is a six-time winner here, and he scored three in a row back in 2003/04/05, but with Stefan Murphy aiming to equal that on-the-bounce success, Winrow may just want to make a comeback!
“I’ve won it six times, and three of those were consecutive wins, so if Stefan does the business I’ll have to make a comeback (laughs). I might have to get a bike and come back this year and do it – but I don’t think I can commentate and ride around at the same time! It’s going to be a good race again this year.”
But down to business. Paul wants to share his top tips to help you quad riders get through the maddest, baddest, biggest and most bonkers motorsport event in the UK…. Here are Paul’s top tips:
“Spend time preparing the quad properly… The six P’s Proper Preparation Prevents P… Poor Performance,”said Paul (normally the five P’s right!?).
“Make sure all of your electrics are watertight and sealed – that’s the main one – to seal the electrics off, normally I would use Vaseline.”
“You can use Vaseline on your body, I’ve never used it myself, as the way I look at it, if you use it, then the sand sticks to it! Surely it would make it worse? But some people do..”
“I don’t use a camel pak because if your mouth is wet then the dirt sticks to it, but this more applies to dusty races than Weston.”
“Run steel sprockets, as the aluminium ones just get eaten away.”
“Don’t use chain lube, as the dirt sticks to it, use WD-40 instead.”
“You can run a bigger tank if you feel you can go the distance.”
“You might run more of an enduro or sand tyre, as this gives better ground clearance when it gets down to the wet and black stuff – ground clearance is critical for a quad to not get stuck. I used to use a sand tyre.”
“Change the gearing for the longer straight.”
“The ritual – go on the piss on the Friday night and get….. (laughs), no I’m joking eat properly and be ready.”
“Get plenty of fluid pre-race because you don’t know what it’s going to be like; it could be cold or sunny or whatever and it does take its toll on you, you need to be hydrated.”
“Err during the race… well… I’ve never needed a wee at Weston, but I did in an enduro, and let’s just say it’s not pleasant! Especially when it’s in your boots! So, make sure you’ve been before you start…”
“I don’t bother taping my boots, the sand gets everywhere so there’s no point…”
“I don’t attack on the first lap, I think there has only been one year when I was in the lead on the first lap coming round. Let the others make the line, plan ahead, and keep looking ahead. Don’t just get to the bottom of the dune and go for it, make sure you’ve got a good run up the dune and use the momentum.”
“It’s an end of season social event, not from a drinking point of view particularly (apart from on the odd Saturday when I’ve been absolutely sozzled after a win), but for the fun of being around of everyone. It’s the last one of the year, enjoy it, try not to get frustrated with other riders – you’re going to get cut up, and you’re going to brush with other people, it’s that type of event – it’s probably not intentional, it’s back to that planning ahead. It’s tough for everyone.”
“The most important thing is to have fun!”
For more information about the HydroGarden Weston Beach Race on October 19-21 please visit www.rhlactivities.com

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