Weston Beach Race - 11 October 2018

XITE Energy gets behind the HydroGarden Weston Beach Race Powered by KTM



RHL Activities is pleased to announce that XITE Energy has partnered this year’s HydroGarden Weston Beach Race Powered by KTM, which takes place on October 19 to 21 in Weston-super-Mare.
XITE Energy is a drinks manufacturer that is proud of its innovation within the beverage industry to bring a new frontier to the energy drink market. Their cans of drink are designed around functionality, and utilise a blend of natural flavours of nootropics and caffeine with zero sugar to give consumers the taste and lift that is expected from an energy drink, but without the adverse side-effects. The goal of the products is to provide ingredients that offer a cognitive boost to really focus a person’s energy and XITE their mind, whatever their activity.
For 2018 XITE Energy will be heading to the beach race with their artic lorry set-up to introduce the drinks range to those who have not seen it before. In addition, they will bring the XITE WRX Fiesta car in which company director Oliver Bennett competes with at events across the world including the recent ARX Finale in Austin, Texas.

XITE will be providing a can of drink to the hundreds of riders competing in this year’s event to give them a boost before racing. Drink samples will also be on offer to spectators throughout the weekend from the XITE set-up, which will be situated along the main promenade.
Not only that, XITE have a special competition! Do you have what it takes to beat WRX Driver and founder Oliver Bennett in a rally car? Then pop along to the XITE set-up to compete on the E-sports virtual simulator where you can prove how good you are on the leaderboard – another special element for race-goers to enjoy throughout the action-packed HydroGarden Weston Beach Race Powered by KTM race weekend.
Director of XITE Energy, Oliver Bennett:
"XITE Energy is proud to partner with the HydroGarden Weston Beach Race Powered by KTM for the well renowned enduro race on the Weston-Super-Mare beach. We are partnering with the event to XITE THE MINDS of the riders during the weekend with our zero sugar, naturally caffeinated and flavoured, nootropic focus energy drink that will be the perfect fit for their three-hour gruelling challenge around the dune course! We are bringing along our XITE RACING truck that will consist of our 600hp rallycross car that is driven around the globe, alongside an E-sports virtual simulator where race-goers can prove their skills in a battle to top the leaderboard. I have a keen passion for offroad having raced at Weston numerous times previously aboard a motocross bike; I am really looking forward to the weekend and introducing people to XITE Energy.”
Director of RHL Activities, Gareth Hockey:
“I am pleased to be welcoming XITE Energy to the 2018 HydroGarden Weston Beach Race Powered by KTM as a partner. XITE Energy will have a big display on the main promenade throughout the event weekend where racegoers can check out the WRX car, pick up a free sample of their energy drink, and have a go on their E-sports virtual simulator. It is also great that every person competing this year will receive a can of XITE and we look forward to seeing their set-up on the race weekend.”
To find out more about the XITE Energy products head over to www.iamxite.com and for tickets to the maddest, baddest, biggest and most bonkers motorsport event in the UK, the HydroGarden Weston Beach Race Powered by KTM, please visit www.rhlactivities.com

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