British Youth Championship - 2 November 2018

Promoter’s work together at Dirt Bike Show to avoid date clashes in 2019



Today during the 2018 International Dirt Bike Show Gareth Hockey (RHL Activities), Paul Irwin (MX Nationals UK) and Colin Hambridge (Bridgestone British Masters) have sat down to avoid any date clashes for the benefit of the sport in the UK and it’s riders. All parties are pleased to announce there are no date clashes for the 2019 season.

Please find below the full calendar for the Judd KTM British Youth National Championship, MX Nationals UK and Bridgestone British Masters season.
Judd KTM British Youth National Championship & Steve Benton Transport British Under 21 Championship
30th & 31st March 
27th & 28th April 
8th & 9th June 
6th & 7th July 
17th & 18th August 
7th & 8th September
28th & 29th September (Reserve Date)
MX Nationals
9th & 10thMarch 
20th & 21st April 
18th & 19th May 
13th & 14th July 
24th & 25th August 
21st & 22nd September 
Bridgestone British Masters
16th & 17th March 
6th & 7th April 
11th & 12th May 
22nd & 23rd June 
27th & 28th July 
31stAugust & 1st September 



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