British Youth Championship - 31 January 2019

BMX Bikes for Top Three riders in SCOTT Sports Holeshot Championship


RHL Activities is pleased to announce that SCOTT Sports will be giving away three brand new SCOTT BMX Bikes to the top three riders in the 2019 SCOTT Holeshot Championship at the Judd KTM British Youth Championship.

The SCOTT Holeshot Championship is for all registered riders in the Auto to Open Class where riders who take a holeshot will gain one point which will go into the Championship. At the end of the year the rider with the most points will be crowned the 2019 SCOTT Holeshot Champion and be given a brand new BMX bike along with second and third place riders also receiving a bike as well.

To be within a chance of winning the Championship or walking away with a brand new SCOTT BMX bike make sure your signed up to the Judd KTM British Youth Championship.

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