British Youth Championship - 3 June 2019

Olympus Training at Whitby for the Judd KTM British Youth Championship



At Whitby this weekend we will be joined by Olympus Training who have worked with a number of Red Bull athletes specialising in action sports performance ehancement and post rehabilitation.

Olympus Training will be on hand throughout the weekend providing support and advice to any rider who is interested so make sure you head over to their stand in the trade area.


Yannis from Olympus Training will be offering a free training session for each class winner at the end of the weekend.


About Yannis Konstantinomanolakis - Olympus Training Performance Coach

I am a Strength & Conditioning coach based in Manchester and I am specialised in action sports performance enhancement and post rehabilitation. Previously I have worked with Red Bull athletes through Darren Roberts’ mentoring program in Manchester including Danny Macaskill, Katie Ormerod, Adam Sterry and many more.

On the warm up session, riders will learn and apply mobility and reaction exercises that will prepare them before their races. The warm up sessions will be around 15 minutes per group.

Also they will learn the importance and the benefits of preparing correctly before the races, which it can lead in better riding performance and less crashes or an injury.

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