Weston Beach Race - 17 September 2019

Ronnie Mac's Screaming Eagle is smuggled into the UK by Iron Wheels Wales



With the ‘world’s fastest racer’ heading to the Weston Beach Race on October 18-20, many fans will be eager to know if he will be bringing the infamous Screaming Eagle to race in the sands of Weston-Super-Mare. Thanks to Iron Wheels Wales and some innovative thinking, RHL Activities can confirm that the bike is currently in the UK and being prepared for the beach.
Ronnie’s two-stroke Honda machine is almost as famous as the man himself and with years of technical development by the Oklahoma native, many fans will be keen to see the ‘Screaming Eagle’ in the flesh – as only seen previously on YouTube in the UK. This specialist bike, marvelled at by the likes of Honda HRC, is a powerful race-winner, like Ron himself.
Iron Wheels Wales has assisted with the importation process and after finding customs wouldn’t allow the bike into the UK due to its sheer power, it has been smuggled directly in a Truckload of dirt to Cefn Park MX In Walesfrom Oklahoma. As you can imagine, the bike has had a tough journey, so Iron Wheels Wales is preparing the bike for the Weston Beach Race, with suspension set-up done by Lab #11 Suspension.
Ronnie has been practicing for the race under the watchful eye of his coach Gunther Riggs and fans will be eager to see how the world-famous racer will fair as one of the most elite athletes ever seen on the beach. Ronnie’s special style will be instantly recognisable, and we look forward to seeing him in a few weeks’ time.
The Weston Beach Race is the biggest, maddest and most bonkers motorsport event in the UK with an action-packed racing schedule comprised with plenty of entertainment for all of the family. For more information and tickets please visit www.rhlactivities.com

** Please note everything reported in this news piece (apart from Iron Wheels Wales’ preparation) is said with great sarcasm and humour. Ronnie is a special character we can’t wait to see on the beach!

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