Weston Beach Race - 4 September 2019

Ronnie Mac's World Class Trainer Gunther Riggs to attend the Weston Beach Race



The ‘world’s fastest rider’ Ronnie Mac has agreed to bring his famous trainer and mechanic, Gunther Riggs, to the Weston Beach Race on October 18-20.
Mac, who is well-known for his incredible dirt-bike skills, is heading to the race for his debut visit from his home in Oklahoma, USA and is pleased to have been able to organise to bring his famous trainer.
Riggs has been pivotal in Mac’s success and has been by the athlete’s side from a really early age to push him as far as possible on the screaming eagle (Honda), develop the bike, work on Ronnie’s training and of course drink beer. The duo have been able to excel Ronnie’s career to ride with some of the best athletes on the planet, whilst developing his ultra-special riding style.
We look forward to welcoming Gunther to the Weston Beach Race, the UK’s biggest motorsport event in which the amateurs can race with the pros, where we hope to hear the training expert’s words of wisdom to help all of our riders in future.

“I’m over the moon about being invited to the Weston Beach Race. This will be my first time in the UK. I’m eager to learn the British culture. Eat your wonderful food, drink your delicious beer and even learn to speak your language. Queen Elizabeth has invited Ronnie and me for tea. We are unsure if we can accept the invitation due to our commitments to the people of the Weston Beach Race. I can’t wait to meet everyone of you.” - Gunther Riggs

For more information about the 2019 Weston Beach Race please visit www.rhlactivities.com

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