Battle of the MX British Titles - 20 September 2019

Shaun Simpson makes his way to the UK for the Battle of the MX British Titles Weekend



We caught up with Shaun Simpson as he makes his way back to the UK after being in Belgium.

“I’ve just left Belgium and I’m on my way to Landrake for the last round of the British Championship (The Battle of the MX British titles). It’s been quite a tough one – I feel like I’ve been the fastest guy at most of the rounds, or certainly the guy that should be leading the championship at this moment in time going on my performances, but that’s not the case; an injury and a double DNF at Desertmartin did not help at all and consequently we’re trailing by 35 points going into the last round. Landrake is a good track – I’ve raced there a few times over the years, and I picked up my first red plate in my career there in 2007. I’ve got some good memories from there, it’s a track that’s always well-prepared, it looks good, they’ve put a lot of effort in, so it’s quite fitting it’s the last round of the championship. It’s a bit of a trek from Belgium or from Scotland to get to Landrake, but it’s always worth the drive. There’s no strategy this weekend, other than to just go and win the races. I’m not going to try and mess around or do something stupid, I’m just going to go there to win the races and whatever happens, happens. Mathematically I can still win the championship but realistically if Tommy is there and still competing it’s going to be a mountain to climb. Mount Everest at that! I’m looking for 50 points and after that we’ll see what happens. I’m looking forward to it, and hopefully we’ll come out with a win, then we’ll see how it goes with the championship.”

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