Weston Beach Race - 26 September 2019

The rise of youth riders supported by Apico


Jack Lindsay from Weston Beach Race 2016

RHL Activities is proud of the brands it works with and Apico Factory Racing in particular has a similar vision when it comes to supporting youth racing. Over the years Apico has fielded and helped many young riders through the ranks, whilst also being an avid supporter of the Weston Beach Race, which takes place this year on October 18-20.
Taking a look back at Apico’s involvement in the sport and we can go back a long way – Apico has been been working with the Kawasaki Team Green programme for many years, in fact in the mid-1980s Apico sponsored the team with kit for Paul Malin and his brother Darren. More recently Apico has provided the full team programme with hardware parts from 2012 to 2018. In addition, the offroad distributor has worked with many top names in the past such as Dave Thorpe (HRC Honda), Jem Whatley and Rob Herring with Suzuki, as well as Max Anstie, Steven Clarke, Elliott Banks Browne and Kristian Whatley in more recent times. 
Apico has been associated with the British Youth Championship and other junior series’ in the UK, whilst also being involved with talents such as Alexander Brown, who won the BYN championship and has taken victory at the Weston Beach Race in the 125cc class. Brown is now racing the EMX250 championship and competed in his first Grand Prix race this season. Lewis Hall is another great talent supported by Apico as he worked his way through the ranks and is now racing in the British Championship as well as the European series.

In addition, Apico has helped the likes of Tom Grimshaw, a former Weston winner, Lewis Hall, Jack Linsdsay and Jack Grayshon – some of Britain’s best up-and-coming talent. For 2019 Apico will support riders such as Stuart Edmonds, Matt Burrows and Ryan Staveley in the adult class at the Weston Beach Race, as well as Jack Lindsay in the youth.
“Young riders are tomorrows professionals and the future of our sport. Without them, we don’t have a future in the sport. When it comes to Apico, I would say with sponsorship prizes, race series and general sponsorship we do a lot to help the youth in MX, Trials and Enduro in this country. There are a lot of other distributors doing the same, and I would like to think bike manufacturers could do more than distributors to secure the future of the sport,” said Scott Cannon, Apico Factory Racing Marketing Manager.
“When it comes to the Weston Beach Race, well it’s a special event. It has a huge atmosphere and has a massive audience – where else can youth riders race in Europe in front of a 70,000 strong crowd? So, with that in mind and the star riders at the race they can learn from, as well as international appeal and coverage, it’s a great event for young riders. While the sand at Weston-Super-Mare is quite specialist, it’s ultra-tough, so it teaches skills that are important during a young rider’s development. At Weston we’ve seen many riders grow and be recognised during their steps up the ladder to a professional career and we’re really looking forward to this year’s event,” concluded Cannon.
For more information about Apico Factory Racing visit: www.apico.co.uk – for information and tickets for the Weston beach Race visit www.rhlactivities.com


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