Weston Beach Race - 16 October 2019

Apico Husqvarna have a strong line up at the 2019 Weston Beach Race


Apico Factory Racing is excited to announce its Apico Husqvarna team line-up for the maddest, baddest and most bonkers off-road event in the UK, the Weston Beach Race, which takes place on October 18-20 in Weston-Super-Mare.
Apico is the UK’s largest off-road product distributor and manufacturer of high-grade motorcycle parts and has been involved with the Weston Beach Race for a number of years. The exciting off-road brand is looking forward to the 2019 event, where its staff will be raising money for the Great Western Air Ambulance charity with its Apico Hydration Station promenade set-up once again. In addition, Apico has planned a strong line-up of riders that it will field in the famous races at the Weston Beach Race with the Apico Husqvarna team.
In the junior races, Apico supported Husqvarna rider and rising talent Jack Lindsay will be aiming to put on a show in the 125/250 class having had a top-five result at the event in the past aboard an 85cc. When it comes to the solo category on Sunday, Apico Husqvarna has a plethora of riders including Jamie Law, who has finished in the top five at the race in the past and Matt Burrows who was seventh last year. They will be joined by WBR race debutants Jason Meara and Stuart Edmonds, who recently helped Team Ireland qualify for the main races at the Motocross of Nations in the Dutch sand at Assen. Former European Championship and Grand Prix rider Steven Clarke will also race with the team during the weekend.
We caught up with 31-year-old Irish racer Edmonds, who has been looking to take part at the Weston Beach Race for a number of years, as he prepares for his inaugural participation in the UK’s biggest motorsport event.
“I went and spectated one year (at the Weston Beach Race) and that alone got me going for it and wanting to do it. I did a few enduro races, which I enjoyed, and I did quite well at them as well, but I never seemed to get around to doing Weston. Dylan from Apico asked if I’d like to do it this year and we’ve managed to get it planned, so I’m looking forward to it, I’m excited about it and I’m looking for a result,” said Edmonds.
Edmonds has been doing a lot of sand riding this year, most recently at the Motocross of Nations in tough conditions and has explained that he prefers longer races. He’s looking for a strong result with his speed and endurance, but after coming back from an injury throughout this season, he knows it will be no easy task.
“When it comes to strategy I’ve been thinking about what I can do – I’ve no strategy as such, but I’ve asked a few friends who were willing to share their information and I’ve done a bit of homework that way, so when we get close to the event we’ll make our final plan. I’m riding the Apico Husqvarna FC 450 motocross bike which I think will be fine for it. We’ll make sure the engine is prepared, the right sprockets and chain – luckily, I’ve got the help from Dylan and Apico so we can be as ready as possible. The preparation is really important for that race,” said Edmonds. 
“When I watched it (the race) back in 2011 the start was just unreal, fifth year pinned down that start straight will be an interesting one for me. I am curious how it will be with that many riders, the spray and so on. It’s important to make sure the goggles are prepared properly – fortunately, I’m sponsored by the best with Leatt, so we’ll be fully prepared and ready to rock for the start,” concluded the Irishman.
If you’d like to see the Apico Husqvarna team in action, then head to www.rhlactivities.com to get your tickets to the Weston Beach Race – an event that’s bonkers in its racing where amateurs compete against the pros, whilst there’s lots to see and do for all of the family - it’s not to be missed!

Photo Credit - Haggis Hartman

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