Weston Beach Race - 14 October 2019

Quadzilla's Harry Hinkley is ready for 2019 Weston Beach Race Battle


Director of Quadzilla Harry Hinkley is incredibly passionate about racing and thoroughly enjoyed his debut at the Weston Beach Race in 2018. The quad expert discusses this year’s event, which takes place on October 18-20, where he’ll be back for his second attempt at tackling the mammoth dune course in the Quadzilla sponsored Quad and Sidecar class.
Hinkley raced quads as a junior with success, but the businessman had turned his attention to other things in more recent times until last year. Having become involved with the Weston Beach Race, the quad-expert dug out his racing boots to join in with the action and take part in what is the biggest, maddest and most bonkers off-road event in the UK. Hinkley was pleased to make a finish at his WBR debut despite some challenges along the way.
“I raced as a junior on the Quadzilla stuff and actually we were British Champions in our final year. I went on to race in the Nora series on a 450cc, but then I gave it up for a while until we got involved with the Weston Beach Race last year and we decided to race that - I was hooked again. It was the first time I’ve done a sand race, the first time I raced a 4x4, and the first time I’ve raced at the Weston Beach Race. I hadn’t raced for around four years, so it was a big learning curve! The only mistake we made was an issue we had with the radiator and running the tyre pressures too low, which meant the tyres popped off the bead,” explained Hinkley.
Talking about competing in the race Hinkley said: “It’s a brilliant spectacle of the year for all the quad riders and if you asked any rider which race would they love to win, I am sure when it comes to the UK it would be Weston Beach Race. It’s been great for us to be involved, to get the product out there, to get the machines out there and to show our commitment to the racing side whilst supporting the sport. It was an amazing experience to compete  – it’s just awesome. On the first lap I remember thinking how I wanted to be flat out, and then remembering I’m here for the experience - the goal was to get to the finish. There is a high pace even with the 4x4s – Steve Atkins (multi-time Weston Beach Race 4x4 quad class winner) is incredibly quick, and he’s not far off the sports quads – it’s impressive.”
Hinkley began racing again this year in the Dragon Enduro series and despite fracturing his wrist at the first round, the Quadzilla man has managed to compete in the last few events to build up his racing stamina. Changing to a 1,000cc quad instead of an 850 has made competing easier for the quad racer, who is now building a special race bike for this year’s Weston Beach Race. Hinkley will race on Quadzilla’s class-leading product, the CFORCE 1000 at next month’s event and can’t wait to get going.
“The result last year for me racing wasn’t great – we were 35th in the 4x4s and 78th overall. We had two tyre issues, which cost us a lot of time and it was our first go at it. I hadn’t raced for a few years, so it was good just to get to the finish and that’s an achievement in itself. I am sure it will be a learning curve again – last time I started right at the back, this time I’ll be closer to the front, so that will make a difference. I think consistency is the key, plugging away at the laps, riding your own race. If you can have that first lap and ride well, you can get to the second lap where there’s a bit more carnage - you’ve got to be quite clever about line choices though. The main thing is just getting to the finish, but we learned a lot last year,” said Hinkley.
“For this year I’m on the CFORCE 1000 - our class-leading product. It’s wicked. We are doing the preparation here at Quadzilla; Paul has done a fantastic job of prepping the vehicle for each of the enduro races, but now we’re channelling that towards the Weston Beach Race. We’ve got to change a few things, obviously the tyres will change and we know we’ve still got a lot to learn. Our goal is to keep on progressing – I don’t go to a race to finish second; I’ve raced all my life and the goal in the long run will be to win the race. For now it’s all about making the finish,” concluded Hinkley.
Quadzilla will have a stand at the beach with information on all of their products from junior quads to road-legal agricultural ATVs and side-by-sides, whilst also being the title sponsors of the Quadzilla Quad and Sidecar race at this year’s event.

For more information about Quadzilla visit www.quadzillaquads.com. For tickets, entry and information about the Weston Beach Race visit www.rhlactivities.com


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