British Youth Championship - 11 February 2020

The 2020 RHL Ride Green Cup!


Work with us in 2020 and bag yourselves a £1,000 prize



For a few days each week during the racing season, agricultural land and private venues play host to the ACU British Motocross Championship. RHL Activities Ltd bring in infrastructure to ensure the safety of its riders and spectators and all those involved within their events. For the sport of motocross to be sustainable, we all have a duty to make sure the land on which it is hosted is looked after to the best of our ability.

With over 1000 people visiting and working across these event sites, through the course of the year, reducing the impact the events have on their general environment is a huge task and it is one RHL is devoted to working to. To do this, we adopt the following and ask our competitors and event goers to work with us in adopting these policies.

- Environmental Mats
- Tear Offs
- Toilets
- Chemical Waste
- Waste Units
- Water Dispensers
- Water Plumbed
- Bike Wash: Biodegradable
- Dogs
- Contaminated Waste


Read the full policy and information here


RHL are asking all its riders and spectators to work with us in achieving our environmental targets and policies and as a thank you there is a £1,000 prize which will presented at the last round of the Championship on the Sunday, to those persons who have worked the hardest in achieving this.


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