British Youth Championship - 19 August 2020

Transponder Hire for 24MX ACU Champions of Champions


If you wish to hire a transponder for the 24MX ACU Champions of Champions you will need to do this prior to the event, by emailing the RHL offices prior to the event -

Hire Cost - £10.00
Security Deposit On the Day - Credit/Debit Card

We have a very limited number of transponders to hire and will be done on a first come first serve basis.

Hired transponders will be collected from the Timing Lorry. You will be asked to provide a security bond in the form of a Credit/Debit Card. An envelope will be given to you, for you to deposit your card in and seal. Your rider number will be entered on the envelope and this will be returned upon receipt of the hired transponder back to the Timing Lorry.

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