British Motocross Championship - 22 February 2021

Catch up with the Giffard brothers and the GRT KTM team.



We managed to touch base with Jon and Dan Giffard and the GRT Holeshot KTM Powered by JGR Performance team to gather their thoughts on the upcoming season. Jon is an excellent and experienced rider having raced in British motocross at a high standard for many years, previously working with the likes of MBO Yamaha. Dan has extensive experience working with youth riders, helping them improve. Dan Giffard, John’s brother has previously worked with Revo Husqvarna. The pair together should make a great team in guiding their newly formed team.
We first asked the brothers if they had an inspiration for setting up the team.
“Giffard Race Team (GRT) was formed by me and my brother Dan. Our motivation was to set up a professional youth team to help those willing to put in the effort to rise to the top. We have ambitions to go bigger every year and budget depending we would like to have an impact on riders from the UK becoming the best in Europe. We have both worked at teams before and felt that we could bring something our experience has given us”
It will be nice to see a new team at the gate at the start of the season and if the coaches are telling the truth then the team should be some of the hardest competition that other riders face this season.”
Setting up a new team during a pandemic is going to be hard no matter who you’ve got
supporting you.
“The most difficult challenge for sure this season will be the effects on racing from COVID 19 and making sure all team and personnel are up to date and ready for the implications and restrictions that may arise”
Covid is certainly going to make the season just a little harder, but if you can run a team in a pandemic, running a team without the pandemic will be a breeze. It’s good to see that you and your team are prepared for anything else this year can throw at us!
Is there an answer here?
The team has been set up for young sports professionals so I’m sure they’re looking forward to just getting back on the bike again, ready to start racing. We asked the brothers what events themselves and the team are most excited for this season? 
“As a team, we are looking forward to going racing. We are positive that racing will happen, and we are preparing like usual for this. We love attending the British Youth Motocross Championship, MX Nationals UK, the EMX 125 series, as well as the FIM Junior World Championship. We take it all seriously and will be ready for these events”
It’s really nice to see that the team and riders alike are keeping a positive mindset! Although most teams are just excited to be able to ride, it looks like the Giffard team are going for gold.
As much as we could talk all day to the brothers, we wanted to get to know the team riders a bit more.

  • Teddy Merriman SX65

  • Cole McCullough SX85SW

  • Finley Evans SX85BW

  • Ollie Colmer SX125

  • Kyle McNicol SXF250

Firstly, we asked the boys what their inspiration was to start motocross, their responses are nothing less than refreshing.
Teddy Merriman – “Dad bought me a quad and I wanted 2 wheels!”
Cole McCullough – “My Father Phillip McCullough”
Finley Evans – “My dad used to race, and I thought why not let’s give it a go”
Ollie Colmer – “My Dad got me into motocross and My biggest inspiration is Jeffrey Herlings, he has had some bad luck and injuries but no matter how bad he comes back and when I’ve seen him he never gives up.”
Kyle McNicol – “My dad got me MX and I’ve been loving it ever since!”
After talking to the coaches, we knew the riders will have big aspirations for their futures as MX riders, especially being guided by the likes of the Giffard brothers. So naturally our next questions to them. What their biggest aspirations were for their futures as MX riders.
Teddy Merriman – “Win at national level and live at Redsand, Spain.”
Cole McCullough – “Represent Team Ireland at the MXON and be a Factory MXGP Rider”
Finley Evans – “My aspirations are to become British Champion asap and a World Champion in the future.”
Ollie Colmer – “To become European and British Champion before I finish my Youth career. Then a future World Champ.
Kyle McNicol – “I would like to make a living out of the sport and have some good achievements at the end of my career to be proud of.”
Just as we expected the riders are dreaming big and we are firm believers that there’s nothing stopping the riders from achieving these goals in the near future.
Since the boys are such big dreamers we did wonder if they had any fears, any doubts when racing?
Teddy Merriman -  “I don’t really get scared but nervous a little bit on the big jumps with kickers.”
Cole McCullough – “losing knowing I didn’t give it my all!”
Finley Evans -  “Only thing that scares me is getting injured.”
Ollie Colmer – “I don’t get scared of racing, jumps and corners. I’ve been doing them a while now and I feel comfortable with them and have no fear.”
Finally, we asked Jon and Dan where they see the team in a few years, expanding or going internationally?
“We will build the team every year and hopefully one day be a full-time team competing across Europe. We will be competing in the EMX 125 series this year and will also attend the Junior World champs with the riders that are eligible from our team.”
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