Learn With RHL - 2 February 2021

What is a Reserve Rider?


Welcome to our new Learn with RHL section!

First lets find out more about a reserve rider in the 2021 Revo ACU British Motocross Championship.

A Reserved Rider is a rider who is eligible to take the place of any Registered Rider who has not entered/cannot participate in a race.
The Reserve Rider Registration Fee is nonā€refundable, once paid, even if the rider has not ridden all year within the Championship.
Reserved Riders are not guaranteed an opportunity to participate in the Race/Series.
Each class will have up to a maximum of 5 paid reserve riders. These riders will be notified in order of priority immediately after the Early Bird entry fee deadline, of any spaces that become available within the Series, in line with the Reserve Rider release date. If a
Reserved space becomes available with the Series, a Reserve Rider will automatically be converted to a Registered Rider within the Series.
A Rider who wishes to be classified as a Reserve, must pay the annual registration fee.
Reserve riders on registering for the Championship will be allocated a First Reserve, Second Reserve etc., up to five places.
They will be eligible for any sponsor/RHL related loyalty packages, as per Registered Riders, however they are not guaranteed a ride.
Reserved rider can enter a round of the Championship at any time, however a place will not be allocated to them for a particular round, until the Reserve Rider Release date, which is the same as the Wildcard Release Date. Reserve Riders will have priority over Wildcard Entries. Please refer to R4 for Release Dates.
During the year, if a Rider withdraws from the Championship and there is a Reserved Rider within that class, they will automatically be converted to a Registered Rider and will then be subject to the Championship/RHL Terms and Conditions of Registration.
A Reserve Rider who turns up at a Race meeting may be allowed to race, if a space becomes available. The decision to admit one or more Reserve Riders to a race will be made when the first rider enters the Start Gate Area and the Waiting Zone is closed. At that
time if a space is available the Reserve Rider may race, if not the Reserve Rider must leave the Waiting Zone immediately.
A Reserve rider will accumulate points for any race meeting they are able to participate in, within the Championship.
A Reserve Rider who was not allowed to start in the first race can do so in the Second or Third block of racing if a space becomes available, providing the Rider presents themselves in the Waiting Zone at the stipulated time.
A Reserve Rider who took part in any of the first block of racing is not guaranteed a space in the second or third, if all the Registered Riders are in the Waiting Zone.
All Reserve Riders who turn up at a Race meeting, without a Guaranteed Space will participate in the Free Practice session and Time Practice Session, along with the Registered Riders and the guaranteed Reserve Spaces already allocated prior to the Race meeting.
If no space is available at the time of notification a Reserve Rider entry can either opt to have their money back straight away or wait to see if a space becomes available nearer the date/over the course of the weekend. If no space available, monies will be refunded on the Tuesday after the event.


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