British Motocross Championship - 2 June 2021

Championship takes on Entwining Canada Heights for Round Three


The intertwined tracks of Canada Heights last saw the take on of the British Championship in 2019. The track allows the rider to show off their endurance skills throughout the long straights and sharp turns tend to take the riders out on a tricky slope. Leaving no end of space for riders to compete with each other it's hard to get a lead on this circuit as the track leaves no room for error. The trees that shadow over the riders only add to the suspense for the third round of the Revo Acu British Motocross Championship Fuelled by Gulf Race Fuels which will see the SW85, BW85, MXY2, MX2 and MX1 class compete for points in the Championship.
Sw85 last raced at Culham on the 1st&2nd May, the first round of the British Championship. Reece Jones took home the red plate with 169 points, 13 points above second-place Cole Mccullough. Hot on his feet was Team Matt Gardiner MX rider Freddie Gardiner only 1 point behind. The small wheel class will certainly give us a show at the upcoming round at Canada Heights.
Tyla hooley from the 85BW class went into the second round of the championship in second place, only to then prove his worth coming second in the first race and first in the second race leaving him to claim first in the overall championship with a 6 point lead. The BW85 class gave us a show at Lyng with Harrison Greenough taking the first position in the first race and slightly dropping down the pack in the second race nevertheless still claiming second place overall with one point separating himself and Ben Mustoe third place. 
The 125cc Class gave us a show at lyng and the championship standing have no place for error in the upcoming race at Canada Heights with only one point separating Bailey Johnston in first and Ollie Colmer in second. During the first race, the underdog Joe Brookes took home the win although remaining in 8th place In the overall championship standings, Joe will surely be a contender for the next round of the championship. Bailey Johnstone came first in the second race whilst Ollie Colmer remained steady taking second place in both races
Sam Atkinson is the leader of the Open class, he gave us a show at Lyng as a strong leader in the first race and only dropping to second in the second race. Although Sam had a strong start to the season the top ten in this class are fiercely strong and will no doubt give us a show in these upcoming rounds. Alfie Jones holds a strong place in this class whilst being lower down in the pack he then regained his strength and fought through for first place in the second race. Whilst Tyler Westcott remains in tight third place keeping it consistent.
Conrad Mewse was yet again undefeated in the second round of the championship, taking the win in both races yet again taking home the red plate ready for this next round at Canada heights. Taylor Hammal sits in second place in the overall championship standing although only winning the third position in the first race at Lyng. John Adamson sits comfortably in third in the championship standings despite not making the podium at lyng he has a twelve-point difference between himself and Steven Clarke who was third on the podium at Lyng and fourth in the overall standings, a significant jump from the first round.
The MX1 race at lyng although highly anticipated did not differ from predictions it was a straight-out fight between Ben Watson and Jeffrey Herlings battling it out for the first position in both races. They both ended up with 47 points and overall both winning one race. Despite being up against two of the best riders Tommy Searle did not fret and grasped at third position in the second race enabling him to remain in first place in the overall championship standings. Despite neither Dylan Walsh nor Adam Sterry making the podium at lyng, they remain in second and third place in the overall standings.

Photo Credit: Phil Hind

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