RD4 Desertmartin - British Youth Championship

17 - 18 August 2019

Important Information for Desertmartin

Dogs are allowed on site but please keep them on leads at all times.

Facilities will be in place, please use. The paddock/pit/track areas are all clean before you enter the site so we expect these areas to look the same when you leave.

Electric is available at a cost of £10 per night. If you purchase electric this will be clearly marked on your vehicle pass and will be checked once your parked up and over the course of the weekend. If track grading/watering is in progress no one will be allowed to access the circuit for event safety reasons. No digging holes in the pit/paddock area to level up campers or caravans. No ground BBQ's or ground fires.

Could you all please notify your guests, invitees, competitors, participants and spectators that all minors should be under supervision of a parent or responsible adult at all times. There is continual vehicle movement throughout the site.

No riding in the pits
Riders are to dismount at the exit of the track. Any rider caught riding through the paddock will be asked to leave the site.

Please do not climb on or over any of the fencing in and around the site.

Pit Bikes
NO Pit bikes or electric bikes INCLUDING OSET's.


Desertmartin Site Rules

- No vandalism or tampering to track machines, toilet blocks, track, banners, fields, fencing, water connections, bike wash, electric point or anything within or nearby to the track vicinity will be tolerated. Should any rider or rider's family are to be involved in such incidents they will be asked to leave the track immediately.

- Any fighting between riders, parents, etc will not be tolerated and will result in the entire family and rider to be asked to leave immediately and may warrant a life ban from attending any event at Desertmartin.

- No digging, no burning of or on the grass, no emptying of oils, detergents, etc allowed in any area and in particular the field. Oil drums are provided at the end of the concrete bike wash for waste oil etc.

- Riders, families and spectators must keen within the grounds of the motocross track. No one is permitted to stray onto the surrounding fields or property. Anyone found doing so will be sent home.