Round 1 Little Silver - BYC 2020

14 - 15 March 2020

Any person or persons who are performing services at any of RHL Activities events will be deemed as trading and will be issued a trading information pack. The definition of services are, but not exclusive:
·      Track Walks
·      Mentoring
·      Professional advice for racing on the track
Trainers who wish to carry out such services as above, will be required to Register with RHL Activities in advance of the race season. They will then be issued with a Photographic ID Pass, to attend all the events and acknowledge all their paperwork has been received and verified. On attendance at an Event Site, all Trainers will have to Sign on at the Welcome Office. The Photographic ID Pass will not be recognised at the 4 Single Adult Day events, where the 125/Open Youth – MXY2 class is also run.
The following paperwork is required during the registration process:
·      Full name and address, contact details
·      Full name and address of Company and contact details of Company ‐ if an employee
·      Copy of Public Liability Insurance
·      Copy of Professional Indemnity Insurance
·      DBS Check verification
·      ACU Trainer Licence Number – if registered
Trainers are required to adhere to the same Code of Conduct whilst at a race venue, as everyone else from RHL Team members to families of Riders and when registering with RHL Activities they acknowledge they have read all the Supplementary Regulations of the Championship Series and will adhere to them.
Trainers who actively book venues for private training sessions within the exclusion times for tracks contained with the Supplementary Regulations, will automatically have their Training Accreditation cancelled and will jeopardise the success of their riders within the championship.
Trainers are invited to have input into their thoughts of the progress of the Championship and all Registered Trainers will be asked to give their feedback after each round of the Championship, to ensure the progression of our sport.
Enquiries and further information for Trainers can be obtained by emailing: