Round 1 Little Silver - BYC 2020

14 - 15 March 2020


Judd Orange Brigade are Judd Racing and KTM UK's very own youth MX team comprising some of the top motocross riders in the UK! Ten riders in total made up the 2019 team who competed in a range of race categories from 50's, 65's, 85's, 125's and 250's.

The team was formed in 2015 under the initial name of 'Team Judd Racing' due to demand for a professional youth mx team to challenge for honours in the major national, european and world motocross championships. The success and professionalism of the team meant that KTM UK partnered with Judd Racing to create the Official KTM UK Factory Youth MX Team in 2018, resulting in 4 British Youth Championship titles that year.

The 2020 team consists of:

Harry Dale - Auto
Riley-Ray Barrow - Auto
Robbie Daly - 65cc
Archie Britton - 65cc
Zane Stephens - 65cc
Freddie Gardiner - Small Wheel 85cc
Will Haddock - Small Wheel 85cc
McKenzie Marshall - Big Wheel 85cc
Ben Mustoe - Big Wheel 85cc
Bailey Johnston - Big Wheel 85cc
Preston Williams - 125cc
Louie Kessell - 125cc