Round 1 Little Silver - BYC 2020

14 - 15 March 2020


SJP Moto Husqvarna are the Official Husqvarna Motorcycles UK supported team that consists of a Youth and Adult Pro diversion. For 2020 the team are the Official Husqvarna Youth Team in the UK.
The SJP Moto Racing started in 2013 by supporting a few local riders in various National Championships with SJP Moto Husqvarna team being formed during the 2015 season with Callum Green in the BYN 125cc. After progressing during the season the team increased in size for 2016 onwards. In 2019 the team walked away with the Big Wheel 85cc British Championship title with Charlie Heyman and 65cc British Championship title with Reece Jones.

The 2020 team consists of:

Jayden Jones - 65cc
Lucy Barker - Small Wheel 85cc
Billy Askew - Small Wheel 85cc
Reece Jones - Small Wheel 85cc
Charlie Heyman - Big Wheel 85cc
James Barker - Big Wheel 85cc
Finley Evans - Big Wheel 85cc
Jayden Haigh - 125cc