Carbon Offset

Why is RHL getting involved with Carbon balancing of emissions?

RHL Activities put Sustainability as a key element of their events and working to ensure our sport is Sustainable.

RHL Activities have invested in training of its team to understand the importance and implementation of change to protect the environment and the areas the company visits with its events.

Is Carbon balancing a valid approach?

The short answer is yes, if done as a secondary action to account for ‘unavoidable emissions’ whilst on an active journey toward lower carbon travel, and if the climate investments are valid and verifiable.

What does the term ‘unavoidable’ emissions mean?

We view unavoidable emissions as those that an organisation considers essential to operate whilst on a journey toward reducing their travel-rated carbon emissions. ecolibrium do everything within their means to provide knowledge and inspiration to everyone in the events and music industry to reduce travel emissions.

Why should you get involved in reducing my travel emissions?

Whether we like it or not, climate change is affecting the world we live in and the places we visit. We must all stand together in protecting the planet and environment for the future and the time is now. Lets invest in our protecting the environment together.

How can I offset my travel emissions?

If you are travelling to and from an RHL event you can enter your details of what vehicle, how many people are travelling and where your travelling from. The system will then calculate how much emissions you will use and can offset with either investing in community led clean renewable energy generation projects or invest in forest protection.

Where can I offset my emissions?

You can do this by clicking the link here which will take you to the ecolibrium website.

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