Terms & Conditions



Tickets are non-refundable and will not be exchanged.

It is illegal to resell tickets/competitor passes. Should a ticket/wristband/competitor passs be re sold or transferred for profit or commercial gain by anyone the ticket shall be void and the holder be refused entry to or ejected from the event.

The entire ticket/wristband is required to gain admission to the Event. Printed receipts are not acceptable. All tickets/wristbands are security printed, and any attempt to present any other ticket/wristband may lead to refusal of admission and possible prosecution. Unauthorised vendors will be prosecuted.

Please keep your ticket/wristband safe and in good condition as a duplicate ticket/wristband will not be issued if it is lost or stolen and a defaced or illegible ticket may become invalidated.

This ticket/wristband/ relates to access to public areas of the venue only. The ticketholder/wristband holder shall not access or attempt to access any other areas including without limitation the track. Competitors must not use their pass for entry to secure areas by third parties. Offenders will be prosecuted.

The ticketholder/wristband/competitor shall not bring into the venue or use or display at or around the venue any sponsorship, promotional or marketing materials. The ticketholder shall not offer or distribute within or around the venue any consumer article or commercial product or service or any leaflet relating thereto.

Advance proof of ticket purchase invoices have a unique bar code on them. Please ensure you bring this with you, it will be scanned on site and your tickets issued. Make sure you keep this document safe as you would cash. The document is a ONE scan document and if more than one copy were to be presented, the barcode scanner will alert the attendant that this document has already been scanned and no further tickets will be issued. If you do not have your scanned document with you when collecting tickets you will have to pay for additional tickets. RHL cannot be held responsible for those persons turning up to collect tickets who do not have the correct documentation with them.

The ticketholder/competitor shall be entitled to a refund or exchange (at the Companies election) in respect of the ticket/event/series if the event/series is cancelled in its entirety prior to the commencement of the event/series for reason(s) that are within the reasonable control of RHL Activities Ltd. This does not include liquidation of the Company under the Insolvency act or where the Event/Series is cancelled or postponed through no fault of RHL Activities Ltd or their secondary organiser to include pandemic, bad weather or outside sources out of the control of RHL or its Organiser.


Competitor entries/registration are non refundable if an event/series has commenced

The ticketholder/competitor shall be entitled to a refund or exchange (at the Companies election) in respect of the ticket/event/series if the event/series is cancelled in its entirety prior to the commencement of the event/series for reason(s) that are within the reasonable control of RHL Activities Ltd. This does not include liquidation of the Company under the Insolvency act or where the Event/Series is cancelled or postponed through no fault of RHL Activities Ltd or their secondary organiser to include pandemic, bad weather or outside sources out of the control of RHL or its Organiser.

Competitors acknowledge during the application process the terms and conditions of the Company, Motor Sport is dangerous and the Regulations and Supplementary Regulations for the specific event they are competing within.

The organisers shall not be liable for any loss, injury or damage within the event boundaries.


Should you have paid by cheque, and the cheque is returned unpaid by your bank, you will be liable to pay the original amount of the cheque, plus the bank charges, and an administration charge of £ 7.50.

All monies received by RHL shall be off set against the oldest transactions, which means if there is a balance outstanding on your account, this will be cleared first before allocating any monies against new transactions.


The date of the Event and/or the support programme may be subject to change by RHL Activities Ltd, in which circumstances ticketholders/competitors agree that their tickets/entry will be valid for the Event as changed, and no refunds or exchanges will be available. Persons purchasing tickets prior to the event at a greatly discounted rate, do so at their own risk and acknowledge this upon purchase.

If the Event/Series is cancelled or otherwise changed for reasons that are beyond RHL Activities Ltd reasonable control including, but without limitation, compliance with any law or governmental order, accident, rule or restrictions, adverse weather, fire, disease, war or terrorist activity, commotion, acts of God, strikes or other industrial action, breakdown of plant, machinery or any failure of gas, water service, electricity or similar supplies, then RHL Activities Ltd shall in such circumstances have no liability to the ticketholder/competitor for any financial loss, entry fees, or damage suffered as a result of such cancellation/termination or other change.


RHL will not be liable for any duplicated or reprinted document used by another party and will accept the first document that is presented to them as evidence of purchase.



By making their booking have agreed they will comply with the following conditions and regulations

Completion of your application and booking form implies acceptance of these and our Health & Safety Policies.

Booking priority will be given to those persons who booked a space with us in prior years, provided the application and deposit have been received by due dates.

Space is limited so unfortunately some Applicants may have their request rejected due to lack of space or to avoid duplication of products on display. However we will retain your records for future reference as soon as a suitable space becomes available. This is worked in strict chronological order.

Traders-Manufacturers-Exhibition-Entertainments are not allowed to sell alcohol, including for example brandy/coffee or Grand Marnier Crepes.

Distribution of leaflets outside of the Trade/Promotion Stand is prohibited (including car parks) without prior consent.

Exhibitors will not be allowed to sell or demonstrate goods that are not included in their Application Form and any misrepresentation will result in the expulsion from the Event Site without compensation.

Pitch size declared must include stand/unit as well as any support vehicles and camper vans.

Exhibitor applicants are asked to provide a photo/sketch of their unit.

Only booked vehicles permitted on site.

The Person/Company making the booking will at the time of Submitting their booking confirm that they possess valid insurance – both Public Liability minimum of 5 Million Pounds and Product. These documents must be ‘current’ and available for inspection on the Event Weekend.

RHL Activities will notify you of your position within the event prior to the event. Event passes will be collected on site, when you register at the Welcome Office. It is essential that we receive all requested information by the due dates for Health and Safety purposes.

Food Traders, crew caterers and bars must be registered with a Local Authority

Food court operations will work with a fixed price drinks menu as dictated by RHL Activities to ensure fair trading. Speciality drinks are exempt for this ie speciality coffee stands. RHL may also enforce its right to ensure all outlets selling soft drinks, will only sell the sponsored energy drink and water supplier products.

Persons/Companies wishing to book multiple areas must complete an application form for each area/unit

Trading names must be clearly displayed and RHL Activities will provide identification signs for relevant events.

No Trader/Promoter/Food/Bar/Concession shall sub-let the whole or part of the space allocated to them.

There are concessions in place for a number of products including soft drinks. Successful applicants will be advised of the brands they are allowed to sell.

Failure to forward all relevant information by due dates renders your booking null and void WITHOUT REFUND

RHL Activities reserves the right to reject any application for Space, without recourse.

RHL further reserves the right to cancel any application, which may have been accepted without any reason being given.

RHL Activities shall not be liable for any loss or damage that may be occasioned by the removal of any Trader or Exhibitor.

RHL Activities reserve the right of decision to postpone, cancel, abandon or curtail the Event. Where this decision arises from circumstances beyond their control, it shall not create liability to claim for loss, damages or refund of booking fees. Traders/Mnufacturers/Exhibitors/Caterers must ensure they have the correct pandemic insurance to cover this, as there will be no liability due for loss of deposits/fees paid/expenses from and as such no fees/expenses shall be repayable by RHL Activities Ltd.

Promoters providing refreshments FREE of charge to their customers, must comply with current Environmental Health and Food Safety Regulations and must have prior written consent from RHL Activities Ltd, to ensure this does not contravene any sponsorship partnership that are in existence for the event/site.

RHL Activities Officials shall have the power to stop any running of any engine, other machine apparatus or generator that, by reason of smoke, noise or smell, may be considered by them to be a nuisance.

All Fairground rides and Side Shows must be in possession of a current Certificate or Safety issued by the Showmans’ Guild. Goldfish are not permitted to be given as prizes.

Goods and packages cannot be received by RHL Activities and should not be posted to the Event Site

Traders and Promoters are discouraged from bringing dogs to the Event. However, dogs are allowed but must be kept on a lead at all times.

Due to the nature of the event any trader/promoter wishing to give product away for sampling must have prior approval from RHL so as not to contravene any sponsorship contracts RHL hold for the event.


120 Days Prior to Event – 50% Refund of all fee will be given, except the 3.5 % Credit card fee, where applicable.

90 Days Prior to Event – 30% of total fees will be refunded, except the 3.5 % Credit card fee, where applicable

60 Days Prior to Event – 20% of total fees will be refunded, except the 3.5% Credit card fee, where applicable

59 Days Prior to Event – No Refund

For the purpose of calculation of refunds, the event date for commencement is the date persons are allowed on site to set up

All cancellations incur a 10% non refundable administration cost of the total cost of the area booked.

Under the Disability Discrimination Act 1995, everyone has the right to have access to Trade Stands. Any disputes will be directed to the Disability Rights Commission on 0845 604 6610.

RHL Activities, or its Officers or Servants, will not be in any way liable to any person whatsoever for any damage or loss, however caused, to the property of any such person or for injury, fatal or otherwise, to any such person, while upon the Event Site while entering or leaving same.


Some event sites are restricted for vehicle movement and access. All persons and their vehicle/trade unit stand must adhere to the time restrictions for the particular event they are attending.

Restocking and vehicle movement can only be carried out during the designated times of as set out in the section headed ‘Operational Information’

All exhibits and equipment and stock remain on the Event Site at the sole risk of the Applicant.

All stands must be open and all exhibits uncovered and displayed for public view by 08.00am on each Event day.

No Trader or Promoter to dismantle their space or remove themselves from the site until 17.00 pm at the earliest on Sunday of the event, being the final event day.

Exhibitors receiving heavy machinery or articles, must provide their own means of unloading. In the event of soft ground conditions, RHL may offer assistance to move vehicles, however, no liability will be accepted for any damage incurred.

Hydraulic and elevated equipment must be protected by the exhibitor against accidental collapse on the Stand.

Space is limited and vehicle passes are limited to the area booked.


Manufacturers/Exhibitors/Entertainment must provide a comprehensive Risk Assessment / Method Statement appertaining to the construction, dismantling and operation of the unit / stall proposed for use on a site (please note a sea front location). This document/s should identify the build method for the unit or structure and indicate the company / persons carrying out the construction along with their competency. The structure should be ‘appropriately weighted’ to remain fixed at all times.

Provisions should be included in the document to cover the safety and welfare of staff of your company (including its servants and agents) and members of the public

This is a Health and Safety requirement and must be strictly adhered to. Any trader found to be in contravention of this requirement will be removed from site.

It is the responsibility of Exhibitors to comply with all relevant Health & Safety legislation, including current Environmental Health Regulations. Trading Standards Regulations. Trade Description Regulations, Customs & Excise Rules, Codes of Practice, and Acts of Parliament.

Space is limited and you must not encroach on, obstruct or in any way interfere with neighbouring Traders.

RHL Activities Officials will strictly control encroaching on walkways/roadways or aisles, to comply with Health & Safety Guidelines.

Trading names must be clearly displayed and RHL Activities Ltd will provide Laminated signs and affixed appropriately.


Bonfires are NOT permitted anywhere on site, all BBQ’s must be ‘off the ground’

  • Be aware of flying sparks/embers as they can start fires even from some distance
  • Fireworks are NOT permitted on site, any found will be confiscated

National Weather Warnings, may be that no BBQ’s will be permitted. This will be updated nearer the event, if necessary

Evacuate the area IMMEDIATELY. This is of paramount importance

Shout ‘fire’ to warn others around you

Fire extinguishers are available for use at the ENTRANCE to designated camping areas.

In the event of a serious fire such as one involving a vehicle dial 999 for the fire brigade

If you are in any doubt DO NOT attempt to tackle fires, they can spread very quickly and produce toxic smoke fumes which can kill in seconds

There are time restrictions for generators and music to be turned off, please ensure you make yourself aware of these time restrictions for the event you are attending.


These are not allowed to be ridden within the event site.

Any persons found to be using these forms of transport within the event site, may result in the item being confiscated.


All Vehicles must be identified by a clearly visible authorised Vehicle Pass, where these have been issued for specific events. Any Vehicle where passes are to be displayed that does not have a Vehicle Pass, will be classified as a Suspect Vehicle and will result in the vehicle being removed from site, under our Malicious Threat Policy, as a potential threat to the event.

When entering or leaving the site by vehicle, our security team, may ask to carry out a quick search of the vehicle.

You are reminded RHL Activities or any member of its teams are not liable for your Vehicle or Personal Possessions. It is your responsibility to take appropriate measures to protect your personal possessions especially when leaving site to socialise in the town of Weston Super Mare. All event Security are provided for the sole purpose of RHL Activities Ltd to ensure the safe running of the event.


Certain event sites are enclosed with a 2.8m High Heras Fencing, in some areas it is double fenced.

  • Do not break the Perimeter fencing to get out of the site, just to save a little bit of walking. Any person found to be breaking the fence will be dealt with under our Malicious Threat Policy and treated as a potential threat to the event.

Ensure you have your wristbands on at all times. Tampered passes will be treated as fraud. Loose fitting wristbands will be adjusted accordingly.


Use of the Weston Beach Race logo and/or images on any goods or promotional material is strictly prohibited without prior consent from RHL Activities Ltd.

Event sites can sometimes be within restricted flight and air space. The flying of any unauthorized drone is classified as illegal and will be reported to the authorities immediately.

Any person found to be using an unauthorized drone will have it confiscated immediately and handed to the local police constabulary. An unauthorized drone user who is part of a competitor party will render the rider entry as cancelled, without financial recourse.

RHL Activities Ltd own all intellectual and imagery rights for the Weston Beach Race and any of its owned events.


Persons wishing to request under exceptional circumstances must be no later than 21 days prior to the event commencement date. No consideration will be given for any requests after this date.

RHL will not consider exceptional circumstances outside of direct family line, this being wife/husband partner /sibling/parental guardian.


Amplification Equipment that causes interference with the Event equipment is prohibited.

Rubbish. Cardboard will be collected on a regular basis by RHL Waste Management Team. You are reminded to deposit your rubbish within the areas specified.

Chemical waste to be deposited in the units provided.

No Chemical waste to be deposited in toilets

Noise pollution – RHL has the right to stop any running of any engine, machine apparatus or generator by reason of smoke, noise or smell, which may be considers to be a nuisance.

Sale of single use plastic bottles may incur an environmental fee of £25.00 plus VAT, if the event dictates the ban of these items.. Drinks sold or given away to be in cans/re-useable cups or paper cups. All food to be served in/on disposables made from either paper/cardboard or wood, this to include straws and serving trays.

Competitors are not to use “Tear offs”, as per the Supplementary Regulations for the specific event, the associated penalties will be imposed.

Any person seen to be leaving “contaminated waste” at the event site, to include but not exhaustive, tyres, vehicle oil, cooking oil, cable ties, will be fined an environmental fee of £250.00 plus VAT.


Balloon Races, Raffles and Use of Inflatables, Kites, Aeroplanes or large Banners, require written permission from RHL Activities Ltd if they are to form part of Trade

Display of Registration under the Lotteries Act 1976 is required for Raffles.


RHL Activities Ltd or its host series organisers, cannot be held responsible in the case of events beyond their control prohibiting the event to not be held, to include pandemics, natural disasters, weather, fire, storms, floods, crime or property theft, acts of God, terrorist attacks, death, governmental or social actions (war, invasion, civil unrest, labor strikes) and infrastructure failures and as such no refund of monies is due and payable.


No abuse should be directed at any Event Official or its Officers during the course of their duties.

Our Team are there for your assistance, we expect them to be treated with the same respect as you expect to be treated. Any incident in which a member of our Team is verbally abused, threatened or assaulted will be treated as a Criminal Act and will be dealt with accordingly.

  • Persons involved in carrying out physical assault or damage within the event site, to any member of the RHL Team/members of public or property within the Event Site will be escorted to the RHL Compound by members of our Security Team, where they will arrange for the Local Police to come on site for the person(s) to be handed over and charged as necessary.

If you have any concerns during the event weekend, please speak to a member of our security team, they will be easily identifiable.


Any person or persons who by carrying out an act that could jeopardise both the safety of the event and those within the event site shall be treated as carrying out a Malicious Threat and they and their property will automatically be isolated by our Security Team and will be removed from site as soon as is safely possible.

In the instance of suspect packages or vehicles, these will be automatically secured and removed from site by the appropriate professionals, without exception.


Ticketholders/competitors acknowledge that they may be exposed to the risk of physical harm due to the nature of the Event. RHL Activities Ltd will not be liable for any injury, loss or damage to you or your property except to the extent that any such injury, loss or damage is caused by the negligence of RHL Activities Ltd, its employees or authorised agents. Without prejudice to the foregoing, RHL Activities Ltd excludes to the maximum extent permitted by law any liability for such injury, loss or damage

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