Check out the frequently asked questions for the Revo ACU British 65cc and Small Wheel 85cc Championship qualifiers.

How do I get to compete in the Revo ACU British Championship in the 65cc or Small Wheel 85cc class?

You will need to qualify through one of the ACU affiliated clubs who are hosting three qualifying rounds. After the three qualifying rounds RHL Activities will invite the selected top riders to come and register for the Championship.

Do I need to be a member of the club in which I am doing the qualifying rounds with?

Yes you must hold a valid ACU licence and hold club membership with the club in which you are competing at.

What clubs are hosting the qualifying rounds?

You can see the full list of clubs here

Where can I find out the club contact information, membership information and how to enter the rounds?

You can do so by using the club directory here

Where can I find the calendar of qualifying rounds?

The full calendar of qualifying rounds can be found here or if you go to the club page via the club directory you will find the dates for that particular club there also.

Do I need to complete all three qualifying rounds with the club?

If you miss a round and after the three rounds you are within the top selected riders will be invited to the event.

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