Landrake sees the season finale and crowns the 2021 British Champions
13th September, 2021

2021 has been a season of ups and downs, passionate racing and a whole bunch of fun. The season finale at Landrake did not disappoint. The crew headed south for the final round of the championship to the scenic track of Landrake, Cornwall.

The track was lined with spectators the whole weekend and the atmosphere was jubilant to say the least. The podium at Landrake saw Evgenny Bobryshev on the top spot rounding off his year on a high. The battle between Harri Kullas and Tommy Searle bought many a fan from around the country to the track. With only one crown to be given out, Tommy Searle gave it his all and flew through the first race takin home the win, rounding up his season with his first race win. Harri, although not far behind, came in third during the first race. This left five points between the riders. The final race saw Harri in at sixth place and Tommy, from Crendon Fastrack Honda in at second, leaving Tommy as the 2021 Revo MX1 ACU British Motocross Championship Champion.

The MX1 Experts saw Stuart Edmonds through to the top of the podium as the Revo ACU British Expert Motocross Champion. Followed by Brad Todd and Dan Thornhill only 37 points behind.

Conrad Mewse saw home the gold trophy at Landrake. Consistent throughout the year, he had already won the championship before the season finale had begun with a total of 9 race wins throughout the season. Conrad won the MX2 championship cup with 51 points ahead of second place and Expert cup champion Steven Clarke. The season was an overall success for Conrad as he heads into the Motocross of Nations for Team GB.

Alfie Jones, Sam Atkinson and Tyler Westcott round out your top three in the open MXY2 class. Alfie gave it his all this season and it paid off, although missing out on a podium position at Landrake he remains Revo ACU British Open class Motocross Championship Champion. Oliver Cole rounded off the season on a high note, taking home the third place trophy and his first trophy of the year.

Bailey Johnston rounds the season off with the title of 125cc British Champion and despite not doing so well at Landrake he pulled through with 55 points between himself and James Barker. Notwithstanding the top two champions, the podium at Landrake saw Joe Brookes on first, Jak Taylor in second and despite his past injury, Ollie Colmer in third.

Tyla Hooley, second on the podium and BW85 British champion has remained steady all season, rounding off the year with a British championship title. This didn’t come easy to Tyla, with only one point between himself and Ben Mustoe it all came down to the last straw with Tyla winning by 0.02 seconds in the third race, giving him this championship title. In the WMX class we witnessed Lucy Barker win the title of WMX 85BW British Champion, with flying colours.

The SW85 class was another one that was highly contended throughout the season, nevertheless, Reece Jones decided it was time to bring it back with four race wins at Landrake, rounding the championship off with 62 points to spare and the title of British Champion. With Cole Mccullough and Jamie Keith in second and third, the championship made for great viewing throughout the season.

Libby Chatburn is now reigning WMX British Motocross champion for the WMX class and we are looking forward to seeing her progress through the ranks next year.

Throughout the year there has been one predominant winner in the 65cc class and least to say Robbie Daly did not disappoint. With a total of 10 race wins over the season Robbie, finished on a high with first place on the podium at Landrake. Followed by second place Alfie Geddes Green and Joel Winstanley Dawson in third.

Cohen Jagielski, in his first year of racing the British Championship took home the crown, title of British Champion and third place on the podium after a crash in the first race. We look forward to seeing Cohen grow next season. Jett Gardiner picked up his first podium position at Landrake and coming in third in the championship whilst Tommy Wood remains second.

We would like to thank each and every rider for making this year’s championship one to remember, we hope to see you all again next season. Keep an eye on social media and the website for updates regarding the 2022 season.

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