Todd Kellett on winning his fourth Adult Solo Race at the Weston Beach Race
6th October, 2021

Todd Kellett made it his fourth Weston Beach Race win on the weekend after completing 21 laps with a best lap time of 7:38.70 during the opening lap.

With four Adult Solo Weston Beach Race titles to his name we caught up with Todd following the days racing to get his thoughts.

“It was cool to be back at Weston this year, unfortunately a date clash in 2019 meant I had to miss a year but we came back and got the top step again. This year was a wet one, we had a lot of rain Saturday and just before the race and then I think 2 heavy showers during the race. It made it difficult with visibility and puddles around the track but wasn’t to much to worry about.

I went to the event knowing there was some good guys to beat and that it was a lot of pressure on me, but the goal was to just have a safe race and use it as a warm up before my main championship starts in 2 weeks time. My plan was to get the Holeshot and get a bit of a gap and stay out of trouble and that’s what I did.

I can’t fault the bike, the goggles and my pit crew. It all ran with no problems and that’s what we needed going into the season. I have 4 wins now and technically it’s a 4/4 win streak for me, but I still need 2 more to match the main man David Knight. So I’ll be back when the dates allow!”

Words By Live Motocross | Photo Credit - RHL Activities

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