Weston Beach Race Partner with Progen Power
28th September, 2022

RHL Activities are pleased to have secured a partnership with Progen Power Ltd to be the official electricity providers for the 39th anniversary of the Weston Beach Race from October 21st to 23rd.

Progen Power offer a wide range of modern JCB generators, all of which all run on much greener, Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO). HVO is a type of paraffinic diesel fuel that can be used as a direct replacement for both red and white diesel. The environmental impact of HVO fuels over regular fossil diesel is much reduced as HVO is synthesised from 100% renewable raw materials such as vegetable and animal oils. In turn HVO fuel used reduces greenhouse gases by an impressive 90%.

Throughout the event, you will notice various Progen Power Generators powering the event offices, ticket offices, media centre, catering units, trade village and more.

To find out more about Progen Power head on over to www.progenpower.co.uk

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