RHL Activities put Sustainability as a key element of their events and working to ensure our sport is Sustainable.

RHL Activities have invested in training of its team to understand the importance and implementation of change to protect the environment and the areas the company visits with its events. RHL Activities are working closely with the FIM (Federation of International Motocyclisme) to encourage diversification, change and for the first time in the history of the Beach Race and the British Motocross Championship there will be a new Environmental Operational Department including RHL Activities very own Darren Bachelor who sits within the FIM Sustainability Commission as a Ride Green Community Manager.

Weston Beach Race

For a few weeks in October, the Seaside resort of Weston-super-Mare, which is the host to the Weston Beach Race is transformed into one of the largest off road motorsport events in the United Kingdom, attracting up to 2,000 riders. The town of Weston-super-Mare can double in size when the Weston Beach Race is held.

Weston-super-Mare beach and its surrounding habitat is recognised by Natural England and RHL Activities Ltd endeavour, within their working relationship with North Somerset Council to adhere to the regulatory requirements this entails.

Sand Movement & Regeneration of the Beach

Did you know part of the work with North Somerset Council is restoring the sand levels of the Beach at Weston-super-Mare, which gets eroded away during the year. RHL work closely with North Somerset Council, with re distribution of the sand along the Bay, whilst ensuring not only during the build of the race track, but during and on breakdown the impact on the balance of the sediment across the bay, has a non significant impact on the natural environment of the race track. The Weston Beach Race is part of the Weston Bay Beach and Dune Management Plan and we are proud to be able to work with the local council in this very important environment and maintenance plan of the historic beach and surrounding areas.


For the Weston Beach Race to be sustainable we all have a duty to make sure the beach, its lawn and promenade on which it is built, is looked after. With between 50,000 - 80,000 people visiting and working across this temporary event site, reducing and controlling the impact the Weston Beach Race has on its environment is a huge task. This is a task RHL embrace, but we cannot do it without the help of all those involved within the event, from the person who builds the track to the spectator that comes to the event.

ACU British Motocross Championship

For a few days each week during the racing season, agricultural land and private venues play host to the ACU British Championship series.

For the sport of motocross to be sustainable, we all have a duty to make sure the land on which it is hosted is looked after to the best of our ability. The land that we often race on is agricultural land and if we as a group do not look after this land, it could very well be taken from us. The use of Chemicals and plastics can be harmful to the animals and the natural environment we visit and we are asking all those who attend the Championship venues to play a part in protecting these venues and their natural habitat.

Reducing the impact on the general environment is a huge task and it is one RHL is devoted to working to whilst they visit these venues to limit the impact to the best of its ability.

Work with Us - Little things make a big difference

Please use the toilets provided - Urinating outside of these facilities, can result in contamination of the local water supply, killing of local wildlife and serious compromises the future of the event.

Please use the recycling units - It is not okay to drop litter on the ground. Help RHL by placing your waste into the correct recycling bins. Remember if you drop something on the beach, it can be washed away in to the sea, contaminating our waters and natural habitats and the wildfire within.

Litter - RHL have a dedicated team at the Weston Beach Beach who work throughout the event, hand picking litter and depositing in the recycling units.

Camping Areas - Ensure you put all your rubbish in the recycling units. Dispose of chemical waste in the correct containers.

Plastic Cups - RHL caterers, traders and bars are encouraged to use bio degradable/reusable containers to serve food and drinks.

Please only use what you need - Bring your own recycling cup to use if buying coffee/tea from the vendors on site. They will be more than happy to use your cup. Do you need to use four napkins rather than one? Think waste, think smart.

Single use plastic bags - Do not use plastic bags, promote the use of your own bags or sustainable packaging. 2023 will see the total ban of single use plastic carrier bags being distributed within the event site.

Cable Ties - Think do you really need to use these? Is there a more environmentally friendly alternative, like re-useable bungee straps? If these are used and left on the ground, you will incur contaminated waste fees, with a minimum charge of £350.00. RHL don't want to charge, work with RHL, review, adopt and implement, avoid the costs.

Biodegradable Wipes - Think do you need to use wipes, even Biodegradable wipes, which quickly breakdown into micro plastics, are problematic environmental pollutants.

Water - At the Weston Beach Race, there are standpipes on site, which have been treated in line with Water Regulations and Guidelines. Bring a reusable water bottle, use them. Standpipes have a chemical security seal on them, do not tamper with these, they will render them useless and incur a minimum fee of £2,500 by Bristol Water as it will be deemed as contaminated of the British Waterways.

Competitors - Work with us in ensuring the Sustainability and longevity of the event at its historic homes

Use Environmental Mats - Riders are asked to use spill mats to work with RHL in protecting the environment. The Environmental Mats protect the ground when refuelling or servicing a machine. The mat minimum dimension must be at least equal to the length of the motorcycle and the width of the handlebars. You can check out more on environmental mats here

Tear Offs - Tear Offs on a goggle have an environmental impact. The nature of the venues that we visit, means we may be using venues that have livestock on the site outside of the venue being used as a race track. Tear Offs are harmful to these animals and certain venues already operate a total ban of Tear Off lenses. Please note in 2022 RHL will completely ban the use of Tear Offs.

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