Eleven Motocross Clubs Unite to Host Qualifying Rounds for the 2024 Auto, 65cc, and Small Wheel 85cc ACU British Championship
4th December, 2023

In a significant collaboration, eleven ACU, SACU and MRA distinguished motocross clubs across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland have been selected to host qualifying rounds for the highly anticipated 2024 ACU British Auto Cup, 65cc, and Small Wheel 85cc ACU British Championship. This unprecedented partnership underscores the commitment of these clubs, RHL Activities and the ACU’s to promoting and nurturing young motocross talent within the country.

The qualifying rounds will serve as a crucial platform for riders to showcase their skills and secure a coveted spot in the prestigious 2024 Dirt Store ACU British Motocross Championship.

The ACU British Auto Cup Final will take place on June 7th & 8th and the selected riders into the 65cc and Small Wheel 85cc class will compete at four rounds of the Dirt Store ACU British Motocross Championship.

Full list of the Qualifying Clubs:

AMC Promotions

Cheshire North West SSC

East Kent Schoolboy Scramble Club

Falcon Motocross Club

Kensworth Schoolboy Motocross Club

Moto Mavericks

MRA Ireland

Norfolk and Suffolk Junior Motorcycle Club

Peterborough Junior Motocross Club

Scot MX

90 Racing MXC

As the spotlight shines on the 2024 Dirt Store ACU British Motocross Championship qualifying rounds, the motocross community eagerly anticipates the emergence of new talents and the stories of young riders making their mark in the sport. The commitment of these grassroots clubs with RHL Activities and ACU to the development of youth motocross riders is not just about hosting events; it's about cultivating a passion that will drive the future of motocross in the UK. Through this collaborative effort, the UK's motocross landscape continues to thrive, ensuring that the spirit of the sport remains vibrant for generations to come.

Stay tuned for more information on dates and venues on the RHL Activities website.

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