Factory Image Racing Returns as Official Ladies Class Sponsor for Weston Beach Race
8th May, 2024

The anticipation builds as Factory Image Racing reaffirms its commitment to the renowned Weston Beach Race, returning as the Official Ladies Class Sponsor for yet another year putting up £1000 in Prize money for the ladies. This partnership underscores a shared dedication to promoting diversity and excellence in off-road racing, particularly within the women's motocross community.

Factory Image Racing's continued support adds a dynamic element to the Weston Beach Race, enhancing the competitive spirit and camaraderie among female riders. As the Official Ladies Class Sponsor, Factory Image Racing will play a pivotal role in championing and celebrating the talent and determination of the ladies at the Weston Beach Race!

"We're Thrilled to welcome Factory Image Racing back as the Official Ladies Class Sponsor for another exciting year," said Gareth Hockey, Director of RHL Activities. "Their commitment to pushing forward women in motocross and encouraging them to take on the Beach Race is truly inspiring. Here's to another thrilling chapter of women's excellence on the track!"

“We are beyond excited to see the ladies class grow at Weston each year with 2024 being the first year it stands as its own class in the entry process and results. With the class growing each year we feel our support in the class should only grow with it. We are proud to announce we have boosted the cash prize value up to £1000 for up to 5th position. With Weston running the weekend before ISDE in 2024 a lot of the top enduro ladies won’t be racing so we can’t wait to see how this year plays out in the ladies class. Here is to 2024 being the best turn out of ladies in history” Said Zoe Zembrzuski, Marketing and Media at Factory Image Racing.

This collaboration between Factory Image Racing and the Weston Beach Race exemplifies a shared vision of fostering inclusivity and empowerment within the off-road racing community.

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