Race Report: A Positive Shift: A Full Weekend of Youth Motocross Action
10th June, 2024

This weekend marked a significant turning point for the motocross industry, with a wide display of talent and competition that promises a bright future for the sport.

Automatics (Autos) Class: The youngest competitors in the British Auto Cup kicked off the weekend with intense battles on the track. Cohen Llewellyn, Jenson King, and Ellik Miller were the trio to watch, lining up side by side for each race. The competition was fierce, but it all came down to the final race where Llewellyn edged out Cohen in a nail-biting finish. Miller, despite an unfortunate incident on the fourth lap, finished fifth on the podium. Jake Sayers and Kober Roberts, with consistent performances, secured third and fourth places respectively. The top five riders were separated by a mere 35 points. Congratulations to Cohen Llewellyn, the 2024 British Auto Cup Champion!

65cc and Small Wheel 85cc Qualifiers: The 65cc class saw fan favorite Cohen Jagielski dominate round one and two, clinching all race wins. Jett Gardiner, following in his brother's footsteps, consistently placed in the top five, trailing Jagielski by just 18 points. Elliott Shawyer, Alfie Cotter, and Charley Wilcock rounded out the top five, showcasing their skills and determination.

The Small Wheel 85cc class lived up to its high expectations. Saturday's race saw Harley Marczak take the top podium spot, while Sunday's race was claimed by Arthur Moore, who now leads the class by six points. Nixon Coppins, Leon Wilson, and Tyler Rogers are hot on their heels, making this class one to watch closely.

Big Wheel 85cc Class: Hayden Statt continues to lead with an 11-point advantage over Alfie Geddes-Green. Statt's consistent top performances secured his top podium spot this round. Wildcard Brian Gyles stirred excitement but unfortunately left with an injury, missing the next round at Blaxhall. Joel Winstanley-Dawson, the Small Wheel Champion, consistently scored points and sits fourth overall. Finley Pickering, improving from Canada Heights, secured third place and is a rider to watch in upcoming rounds.

125cc Class: The 125cc class promises to be the talk of the season, with Jamie Keith and Josh Vail separated by just 12 points after some heated racing. Keith had a clear run on day one, but Vail stole the third win on day two as Keith crashed out. Jake Walker's consistent performance has him in third place, while Charlie Richmond's strong weekend performance has him in fourth in the Championship standings.

250cc Class: Reece Jones made a full comeback after a slow round at Canada Heights, maintaining his lead at the top of the table with an eight-point advantage over Harrison Greenough. Joel Fisher, consistent in his performance, finished third on the podium for this round, mirroring his finish at Canada Heights.

This weekend's races have set the stage for an exciting season ahead, with many riders showcasing their potential and determination to rise to the top. The industry is certainly shifting for the better, with thrilling competitions and emerging talents promising an electrifying future for British motocross.

Feature Image: JHMX

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